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One piece

Born out of our love for motorcycle racing, our one-piece leather suits appeal to a broad spectrum of riders and purposes. That means, we have you covered whether you’re a sport bike rider who spends most of your time on the streets, or if you’re a track enthusiast dragging knees in hairpin turns, or even if you are a competitive rider looking for that top-of-the-podium finish.

When we develop our suits, we ask for feedback from our Heroes – our MotoGP racers – so we can bring the most advanced and functional features to REV’IT! riders, no matter what your background is.

In the process of the creation and execution of our one-piece suits, we’ve come up with ways to make them unique and use techniques no one has done before. For example, take our unique embossing technique found on our Monaco cowhide leather. Creating elements that set us apart from the rest and instilling confidence through premium safety features is what we love to do. We also use a debossing technique to add further dimension and texture to make our suits stand out in the crowd.

On some of our one-piece suits, you’ll find the dual comp MotoGP-derived sliders located at the shoulders, elbows and knees. These dual comp protectors remove a majority of impact energy before it even reaches the integrated protectors and their aluminum outer body ensures a controlled slide across the asphalt in case of an unfortunate mishap.

Behind the dual comp protectors, you’ll find our award-willing SEEFLEX™ protectors at the shoulders and elbows. Easily upgrade your one-piece with our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector. The insert is already built into the suit so you don’t need to worry about any kinds of modifications should you want extra protection.

Take one of our one-piece suits for a spin and you’ll understand why they’re a cut above the rest.