Pants Storm WB

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Keep the wind out and your legs warm

Blocks wind and is water-repellent on the front

Perfect base layer for under REV'IT! jeans

Works perfectly together with the Storm WB jacket


Keep the wind out and your legs warm with the Storm WB pants. It has been specifically designed to block unwanted wind from ruining a perfectly good – but cold – day on the motorcycle.

What sets the Storm WB apart from other wind breaking pants is the newly developed hydratex®|WindBarrier® fabric, which has a double function. On the one hand, it completely blocks the wind and, on the other hand, it is also water repellent and highly breathable. Because it repels water, unwanted moisture has a very hard time penetrating the fabric, yet, if moisture builds up against your skin, it has no problem leaving. Think of it as a one-way street for water/moisture, it can’t getin but it can certainly get out.

So, if you’re thinking about adding waterproofing and insulation to your favorite pair of REV’IT! jeans, this is the layer for you.

Product features
  • hydratex®|WindBarrier® fabric

    The hydratex®|WindBarrier® features a soft backing so it's comfortable against the skin. It's touted for its breathability and ability to block wind. Additionally, WindBarrier® is a laminated three-layer fabric.

  • polyester spandex knit

    Polyester spandex knit is a thin, stretchable material used to make items more flexible and comfortable.

  • water repellent and windproof panels
  • elastic
  • moisture wicking function

    Perspiration is constantly moved away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. This helps you to control your body temperature and keeps you dry and comfortable.

  • regular
  • tour fit
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