FBR041 Taylor Shoes

Taylor FBR041

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Our new Taylor hightop sneakers for men are crafted in such a way that they look like a fashion-forward shoe but with the safety elements needed to be a protective. They’re made of a balanced combination of full grain soft cowhide and highly ventilating Dynax mesh. Both the heel and toe area house a thermoformed cap, while the ankle received an injected ankle cap on both sides. And thanks to the anatomically shaped foot bed, the Taylor shoes will feel like a casual sneaker when walking. That’s all while offering the comfort and protection that you expect from a true motorcycle shoe.
Sizes 39-46

  • injected ankle cup
  • The heel of the boot is reinforced for added safety. The rider won't notice it while wearing as the hard plastic has been heated to mold it into the perfect shape. The reinforced heel cup also contributes to a better posture of the foot.

  • The toe area of the boot has been reinforced with a thermoformed hard plastic toecap. Thermoformed means the plastic has been heated to model the perfect shape. The rider won't feel it this critical feature when wearing the boot, but will benefits from the added safety.

Outer shell
  • full grain soft cowhide
  • suede cow leather
  • Consisting of a of high-performance Polyamide yarns with an open structure that ensures good ventilation while riding. Dynax mesh has a high melting point, tremendous tear- and abrasion-resistance, and provides high-performance protection under hot weather conditions.

  • anatomical shaped foot bed
  • The ankle area has been padded and reinforced for comfort, and to support proper foot position.

  • On the inside the tongue has been stitched to the sides to keep out wind, water and dirt.

  • reinforced heel
  • reinforced toe