Carve the perfect line with our sport collection of motorcycle clothing. We bring the experience we’ve gained through creating world-class gear for our MotoGP riders and bring them to the streets.

The sport collection embodies our Engineered skin® design philosophy. In the early 2000s, we set out to improve the fit and performance of motorcycle safety apparel. It started with relocating seams on our clothing to areas at lower risk for impact, making the clothing stronger and more comfortable. For example, if the elbow or seat seam was moved just a little bit over, you still would get all the flexibility/safety you need but none of the discomfort of having a seam that could rub against your skin, causing chafing and unwanted friction.

Additionally, durable, flexible and abrasion-resistant materials are placed at key areas for maximum protection while maintaining comfort and freedom of movement. And applying stretch material – like our Kevlar stretch panels - in these areas helps REV’IT! strike a perfect balance in its garments between wearability and safety.

You’ll also find dual comp protectors throughout our sport collection. The dual comp protectors consist of a 3D, pre-shaped honeycomb structure of TPU material, topped by a high-impact aluminum shield for ultimate sliding performance. In the case of a slide, the aluminum shield will slide freely over asphalt without grabbing on the ground and potentially producing serious injury.

Take a closer look at some of our sport collection style and you’ll notice something a little different. You’ll see that we use the durable Monaco cowhide but it comes with a twist. We’ve embossed it with hexagonal pattern, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance and aerodynamic edge.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect jacket, a jacket-and-trousers set, or a one-piece, look no further than our sport collection. Innovative safety and style are both standard features on all of our sport garments.