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Sportive leather jackets are ideal for racing enthusiasts who love practicality; making it convenient to swap from the track to the streets with the pull of a zipper. Meet the pair of jackets that cater to both tastes.

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With a name like Hyperspeed Pro, it’s fairly obvious on which side of the spectrum this jacket lives. What you’re looking at is basically the top half of our Hyperspeed one-piece suit.

It offers the same features yet allows you to switch between knee slider-equipped trousers to suit up for the track, or jeans for your street ride.

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Developed alongside its one-piece counterpart means the Hyperspeed Pro jacket offers a racing fit. Think snug and figure-hugging. It has been engineered to wrap around your body in the most aerodynamic of ways similar to a racing suit - albeit with a bit of margin to give room to the detachable thermal liner. Depending on your riding style and your bike, this could be what you’re after, especially when zipped into your knee-slider-equipped REV’IT! trousers. You’ll notice it creates a full, race-fit leather riding suit.

Complementing its racing pedigree, you’ll find elbow sliders, dual comp hard parts, and a speed hump that all come straight from - you guessed it - our Hyperspeed one-piece suit. Aesthetically, it’s easy to spot the racing inspiration as we’ve applied our unique forged carbon print to it. And like with full-on track suits, the Hyperspeed Pro is partially ventilated and sports the 3D air mesh collar to keep you cool when things heat up.



Taking its cues from the Hyperspeed Pro in many ways, we also developed the Hyperspeed Air jacket. On top of the already generous amount of airflow from the Hyperspeed Pro, the Hyperspeed Air offers additional airflow at the elbow area - hence the name.

As a slightly less hardcore version of its “Pro” sibling, the Hyperspeed Air lacks the speedhump and elbow sliders that you will find on the Hyperspeed Pro, hinting slightly more towards street use although the race fit allows it to live in both worlds.

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When you read all of the above - but with a more street-oriented mindset - you might feel slightly unsatisfied by the race-inspired direction the Hyperspeed siblings have taken. But rest assured, those looking to take their sportive style to the streets while keeping the door open to the track aren’t forgotten. Enter stage left: the REV’IT! Glide jacket. Clearly inspired by our racing endeavors, the Glide answers to the demands of those looking for a less “racy” fit to add comfort to their street rides.

Next to the Hyperspeed jackets, the Glide stands out due to a slightly longer, mildly more spacious fit. Don’t mistake it for boxy or baggy, but it gives that extra bit of room to those who, for instance, ride a sport-inspired bike with a more upright position, or riders who prefer things a little less snug.

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Call it an assumption, but when looking for a more relaxed race fit in your next favorite sportive leather riding jacket, chances are you’re not looking to scrape your elbow on a track anytime soon. For this reason, you’ll look in vain for elbow sliders on the Glide. Despite the absence of elbow sliders, you still get the sport look you’re after but with a friendlier approach when on the streets.

Not straying too far from the sportive theme, we’ve incorporated TPU hard parts at the shoulders that look similar to the dual comp protectors used in our directly inspired race garments. Like with the Hyperspeed jackets, the Glide comes standard with a detachable thermal liner, allowing you to use it in various climates.

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Meet REV’IT!’s revolutionary, in-house developed SEEFLEX™ impact protection technology. Ready for the road. Just like you.

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Setting fit and features aside, the Hyperspeed Pro, Hyperspeed Air, and Glide jackets are all carried out in highly abrasion-resistant leather neatly put together using our extremely strong PWR|yarn to make sure you’ve got that desired buffer between you and the tarmac in case things end unplanned. Another similarity is the incorporation of our award-winning, CE-level 2 SEEFLEX™ protectors, found at the shoulders and elbows. All jackets are prepared for our optional SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 divided chest protector, which you can keep in your jacket when you take it off, as well as our CE-level 2 SEESOFT™ back protector insert.


Within the Sport leather jacket category, the Hyperspeed siblings and Glide basically show you both ends of the spectrum. But if you aren’t one or the other, it’s comforting to know that there’s space in the middle. Our extensive lineup of leather jackets allow you to find your favorite without any compromises.

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Nothing beats trying them on yourself to spot the differences, but we’ll show you how both jackets look when applied to both the track and the street theme.

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Suit up like a pro by zipping into our Vertex GT leather riding trousers and adding racing gloves and racing boots to the mix. And don’t forget a moisture-wicking undersuit when you expect things to heat up.

Hyperspeed Outfit Look 2

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HYPERSPEED PRO hyper-street

Riding jeans, sneakers, short-cuffed summer gloves, and our Hyperspeed Pro jacket is all you need to look the part when riding while you move under the radar when you take your jacket off.

Glide Outfit Look 1

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glide and sliders

Despite a more street-oriented character, the Glide goes well when combined with a pair of our knee-slider-equipped riding pants like the Vertex GT. Finish it off with race-inspired gloves and sportive boots to prepare yourself for a day on the tarmac: track or street.

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This is where the Glide jacket takes the stage, blending in its sport inspired style with everyday practicality. Combine it with jeans, shoes from our shoe collection, and some easy-entry summer gloves and you’re good to go.

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