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Our racing gloves collection contains several sport-inspired styles for endless miles. And thanks to an extensive lineup, you can either go full spec if needed, or enjoy sportive gloves without breaking the bank.

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“Sportive” is a rather broad definition, as it includes those riding on a sport inspired naked bike as well as riders looking to skin their lap times to the bone on a modern-day superbike.

Luckily, we cater to different requirements, and to make our lineup even more inclusive, we’ve added a few sportive and sport-inspired gloves, both with a long cuff as well as a few additions with a short cuff construction.


Xena 3 Ladies Sport Racing Gloves 1
Xena 3 Ladies Sport Racing Gloves 2

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We know a fast rider when we see one, regardless of gender. Answering the need of a properly protective, race-inspired glove for fast women on track or on the streets, we’ve developed the Xena 3 Ladies gloves. Not only do they mean business in terms of looks, but they also pack quite the punch when it comes to offering the right protection.

Carried out with a true female fit, the Xena 3 Ladies gloves incorporate a hard knuckle protector, a TPU hard shell palm slider, and a TPU wrist protector fitted to the double closure long cuff. All is integrated in a highly abrasion-resistant cowhide leather chassis, which is put together using extremely strong PWR|yarn stitching. Thanks to extensive research on the natural movement of the hand, these gloves give you full freedom of movement while ensuring your requirements for protection are met.


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If sport bikes run through your DNA, and you’re looking to carry your style all the way down to your hands, the REV’IT! League gloves just might be your next favorite piece of hand protection. They offer serious armor in an aesthetic package without asking you to go all-in.

A sibling to the Xena 3 in terms of added protection, the League is carried out in highly abrasion-resistant leather while also offering a hard knuckle protector, a TPU hard shell palm slider, and - how can we forget? - a TPU wrist protector fitted to the double closure long cuff. Thanks to these features, the League is truly race ready and wrapped in an accessible package for all.

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Whereas long-cuffed racing gloves often find themselves combined with a racing suit or a race-inspired leather jacket, summer rides may ask for gloves in a more lightweight construction. Allow us to introduce you to the short cuffed, sport-inspired gloves that combine great looks and practicality for your next summer ride.



Short-cuffed gloves donning serious protection in a sportive package; that’s the Chevron 3. Already in its third generation, these gloves were an instant classic in our sport collection. Why, you ask? They cover the essentials you expect in a sport glove without going overboard.

So, you’ll find hard knuckle protection, a TPU hard shell palm slider, and a highly abrasion-resistant, partially ventilated outer shell. They offer that look and feel of a racing glove in a short, summer-specific package for you to enjoy on the roads.

Chevron 3 Sport Racing Gloves

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Some riders’ requirements are boiled down to the basics: easy access, comfort, something constructed of highly abrasion-resistant leather, and incorporated knuckle protection. If you are among them, keep reading, as you’ll be happy to learn that the REV’IT! Prime gloves offer you exactly that.

Drum dyed goatskin wraps around your hands easily, offering incredible abrasion resistance while feeling extremely flexible from the get-go. The cuffs of these easy-entry summer gloves are carried out in four-way stretch material, making them effortless to put on and take off in between rides. The hard knuckle protector serves as icing on the cake of these entry-level yet serious sportive gloves.

Prime Sport Racing Gloves


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With all kinds of gloves answering to all kinds of needs, it’s comforting to know that the way to the top is cut into bite-sized pieces, allowing you to make a choice that fits your desire. And at that very top, you’ll find the gloves that ignite all innovations from our sport collection: The REV’IT! Jerez 3.

Used and abused by the best riders in the world from the MotoGP and WorldSBK paddock, these gloves incorporate all you need to withstand whatever a track throws at you, both on the good days and the bad. Get personal with the Jerez 3 by reading all about them.

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Jerez 3 Racing Gloves – MotoGP

MotoGP rider Danilo Petrucci – Ducati Factory Team, wearing his custom Jerez 3 gloves.



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