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Ladies, it’s time to go full throttle! Our first women’s one-piece race suit is finally here, and it was worth the wait. Along with our combi suit and gloves, we’ve got you covered to make it across the finish line in record time.

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We know extreme riders need extreme gear, that’s why the Xena 3 Ladies one-piece was built to be the most serious one-piece female leather racing suit in its class. Our designers started with the building blocks that made our Xena Ladies jacket and trousers combo a resounding success year after year.

They then began the transformation into total track day essential, starting with the most crucial element: Fit. Knowing that myriad variations in female body types would make flexibility absolutely essential for a full-body suit, the design team used highly abrasion-resistant PWR|shell stretch material under the arms, down the front of the torso, at the groin and along the entire backside of the calves to create a close-fitting suit that will fit a wide range of bodies.

To complement these areas, they built the body of the suit with Monza leather, a slightly thinner leather that offers increased comfort and suppleness, but with one nice surprise. In abrasion-resistance tests, it tests in the same range of protection as thicker leathers. That means that the Xena 3 one-piece is ultra-flexible without sacrificing any of the protection of a men’s suit.

Once the fit was perfected, our designers added a speed hump to maximize the suit’s aerodynamics when in a tucked position, firing through the corners of the track. It was the final touch, and the one that really says, I am here to win!


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Blazing on the track should mean leaving the competition in the dust, and not overheating under your gear. That’s why our designers put their heads down together to find a solution to maximize airflow while on the track, and found one! The Xena 3 Ladies one-piece suit features a strategically placed 3D mesh panel over the top of the speed hump, which allows a remarkable amount of ventilation.

The perforated openings on the mesh are wide, but the material itself is thick, so it moves air but retains a similar abrasion-resistance level as the leather. It’s a first-of-its-kind innovation, and when combined with the panels of perforated leather on the side panels and at the back, you’ve got a top-of-class ventilation system. Because your tires should be the only things heating up on the track.


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We put protection and comfort at the forefront of our Xena 3 Ladies one-piece suit design, but we didn’t forget about that other track day essential: Style. The highlight lines running down the front of suit are meant to follow - and proudly emphasize! - the curves of the female form. Additionally, the Monza cowhide body has a natural matte look with a more complex, beautiful texture than other leathers.

Drawing inspiration from the look of forged carbon fiber, the design team added a unique pattern detail on the underside of the arms, which is a seemingly innocuous location until you’re in a tucked position speeding down the straightaway. Then it’s just the eye-catching detail that will leave an impression on your competition as you leave them behind.

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Our Xena 3 Ladies one-piece isn’t just for looks. We’ve built out a full protection suite, with each piece chosen specifically for its balance between weight, protection, and flexibility. Following the trend of MotoGP to make suits more lightweight and limber, our designers added full TPU sliders at the shoulders, elbows, and knees; this adds tremendous crash protection, without the bulk or stiffness of metal-based sliders so that you can attack the track day corners at full speed.

The shoulders, elbows, and knees on the Xena 3 Ladies one-piece are equipped with ultra-lightweight BETAC protectors, and the hips come fitted with SEESMART™ RV30 protectors. And of course, we haven’t forgotten about the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert, so that you can customize your own level of protection.





Meet REV’IT!’s revolutionary, in-house developed SEESMART™ impact protection technology. Hardly noticeable yet extremely potent.

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The Xena 3 Ladies one-piece is a fresh new take on a favorite classic - the Xena Ladies leather jacket and trousers - and we weren’t about to leave everyone’s favorite sport combo behind. Before we went back to the drawing board, we wanted to hear directly from you how to make it better.

Upgrades to the brand new Xena 3 Ladies outfit are based on extensive research and feedback from riders worldwide! Most notably, our designers made slight changes in the original patterns, so that the fit of both the jacket and pants allows for increased comfort and expanded range of motion.

We’ve kept the ultra-flexible yet protective SEEFLEX™ elbow, shoulder, and knee armor, the integrated SEESMART™ RV33 hip protectors, and the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert. And we didn’t forget the double leather seat that gives you two layers of protection in the most crash-sensitive area.

Now, you can lean harder into every curve, whether it’s on the track or around your favorite set of mountain twisties.

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The Xena 3 Ladies jacket is equipped with both a long connection zipper, to create a safe 360-degree connection with the Xena 3 Ladies trouser, as well as a 20cm short connection zipper, in case you’d like to attach the jacket with a pair of REV’IT! riding jeans, using our clever Safeway 2 or Safeway 30 Belt.

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There are a lot of things that go into a race day, but no victory is ever achieved without excellent throttle control. We know that the perfect race gloves need to deliver top-level protection inside a shell that’s thin enough to allow for excellent grip and feel on the handlebars. So, for the Xena 3 Ladies gloves, we took goatskin leather - equally renowned for its suppleness and durability – and patterned it into a glove specifically for a woman’s hand.

Then we loaded it with all the essentials for hitting the track at lightning speed. There are hard knuckle protectors, a hard shell with a little finger protector, and a TPU wrist protector fitted to a double-closure long cuff. Whether you choose the Xena 3 Ladies one-piece or the jacket and trousers combo, we’ve got the perfect gloves to empower peak performance.

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