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Spring / Summer 2018

Our Spring/Summer 2018 collection’s theme is: Come out and Play. Which is exactly what we want you to do. Dust off your bike that’s been in hibernation for the last few months, or give it a wash to get all the winter grit off! Throw your leg over and enjoy the fresh but invigorating air flowing across your body and revel in the fact that you’re on two wheels.

Throughout the different genres, you’ll find motorcycle clothing geared to performance, speed and blending in effortlessly when you’re not riding. No wardrobe change necessary.

Urban – Take a deeper look into our Urban SS18 offerings and you’ll see just how creative we can get. Not only are we experimenting with new and various materials and fabrics, but also with how far we can push our Tailored Technology design philosophy in terms of safety-infused casual. We’re bringing to market never before seen or done items so you look great but stay protected, for both women and men.

Adventure – For SS18, we’re building upon our extensive collection of adventure clothing and making certain styles even better. Our vision of offering the best products no matter the price point, no matter the weather, no matter the environment, is steadfast. Go ahead, get a little dirty finding that incredible road off the beaten path. We’re with every rpm of the way.

Sport- Get on the track with confidence and style. Or show just how on-trend you can be with any one of our sport collection pieces from SS18. Warm weather, rain, hail, it doesn’t matter. We have sport-oriented clothing that will keep you on your handlebars in various situations. Whether it’s leather you’re after, or a textile outfit that’s purpose-built for sport bike riders, it’s all here. Look no further.

When we invite you to Come out and Play, we mean everyone. See you out there!