Suspenders Strapper

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Expected availability date: 04/01/2019
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Keep your trousers in the right place with the Strapper suspenders. The Strapper can be connected to the short connection zipper at the back and the special made Velcro attachment point on the front side. The suspenders are compatible with this selection of trousers from the REV'IT! collection:

FPT065 Trousers Factor 3
FPT066 Trousers Factor 3 Ladies
FPT067 Trousers Cayenne Pro
FPT068 Trousers Defender Pro GTX
FPT069 Trousers Dominator GTX
FPT083 Trousers Sand 3
FPT081 Trousers Horizon 2
FPT082 Trousers Horizon 2 Ladies
FPT078 Trousers Dominator 2 GTX
FPT070 Trousers Neptune GTX Ladies
FPT076 Trousers Tornado 2
FPT077 Trousers Tornado 2 Ladies
FPT079 Trousers Outback
FPT080 Trousers Outback Ladies
FPT072 Trousers Airwave 2
FPT073 Trousers Airwave 2 Ladies
FPT074 Trousers Enterprise 2
FPT075 Trousers Enterprise 2 Ladies
FPL034 Trousers Ignition 3
FPL035 Trousers Ignition 3 Ladies
FPT088 Trousers Neptune 2 GTX
FPT089 Trousers Globe GTX
FPT090 Trousers Poseidon 2 GTX

Product features
  • adjustment straps
  • elastic
  • short connection zipper
  • regular
  • tour fit
  • high density polyester 600D

    This fabric takes polyester yarn and weaves it with a finer polyester yarn, to create a high woven density that increases protection and abrasion-resistance.

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Suspenders Strapper
Yes, I want the
Suspenders Strapper