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Trousers Gear 2 ladies

When you see 'ladies' behind a REV'IT! style's name, it's not just a smaller version of the men's garment (though that is pretty common in our industry). No: at REV'IT!, our ladies' garments are developed by women, for women - keeping the functional and safety features of the men's version intact, but with a fit engineered perfectly to a woman's shape. With the Gear 2 ladies' trousers, the serious female riding enthusiast gets the perfect blend in style, safety, and comfort. You've never looked this good in leather, and you've probably never been as safe and comfortable either.

Sizes L34-46 std., L38-44 short, L38-42 long

  • adjustment straps
  • Within this type of protection pocket, the protector can be adjusted to several positions, in order to customize the shape for each rider. This results in the best personal fit and riding comfort.

  • calf zippers
  • Thanks to the short and long connection zipper, this jacket is/these trousers are compatible for pairing with any pair of trousers/any jacket in the REV'IT! line.   

  • stretch lips
  • regular
  • tour fit
  • slit pockets
  • ventilation panels
Outer shell
  • Consisting of a of high-performance Polyamide yarns with an open structure that ensures good ventilation while riding. Dynax mesh has a high melting point, tremendous tear- and abrasion-resistance, and provides high-performance protection under hot weather conditions.

  • This top-grain leather not only has had its surfaces sanded to correct imperfections, it has been reinforced to up its performance factor for riding on the track or street. Long-lasting and extremely protective.

  • This material is REV’IT!’s take on Cordura®. Consisting of 100 percent high-performance polyamide yarns, PWR|shell takes the best properties of Cordura®—a high melting point, tremendous tear- and abrasion-resistance, excellent durability—and puts the unique REV’IT! design stamp on it. This PWR|shell fabric comes in a stretch variant. 500D indicates the density of the fabric. The higher the number the better the abrasion- and tear resistance properties are.

  • This PWR|shell material has a wax coating for a slightly dull look.

  • Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish. Due to its texture and open pores, suede can absorb liquids quickly. We use suede as a visor wiper on our gloves, putting its absorbency to good use for keeping your field of vision clear.

  • The hip protector pockets in this REV'IT! garment are tailor-made to accommodate the TRYONIC SEESOFT™ CE-level 1type B hip protectors version RV01. An easy upgrade to maximize safety.

  • Official tests show that ProLife® far surpasses the protection standards set by the CE directive. The fabric used, Elastomero, is the result of many years of research and development. A technological process is used to make the fabric microporous, with air in the microporous cells under high pressure but unable to escape. This treatment makes the fabric light, flexible, and exceptionally impact-resistant. REV’IT! has used the pre-shaped ProLife® 3D CE protector in REV’IT! motorcycle clothing since it was first introduced.

  • Stitching seams can be the weakest link in motorcycle garments, as they can rip upon impact. This ripping of seams can be prevented, however, through safety-stitching technology. REV’IT! uses safety stitching on garment areas at increased risk of impact (directive on the definition of risk category in zones 13595-1:2002).

Waterproofing & Breathability
  • A 3-layer construction. The membrane has a layer of protective tricot laminated on each side of the membrane. This results in a waterproof and breathable membrane that is also very durable. This type of membrane also offers maximum flexibility, as it can be removed from the garment: wear the membrane inside the garment when the weather demands it, or take it out when you need maximum ventilation.

  • 4 / 5
    This is a revisit of my first review titled "Terrible craftsmanship"
    BIKE TYPE: Naked
    I previously reviewed these pants and gave them a 1 star rating (see review titled "Terrible craftsmanship"). I was unaware that Rev'It has a 2 year warranty.
    I was contacted by Rev'it and informed that I can go back to the store and have the pants changed/repaired at no additional cost since it was a manufacturing mistake that somehow got past quality control, and should I have any problem with the return process I should contact Rev'it directly.
    We did as instructed and the shop was very accommodating and replaced the pants immediately.
    Rev'it has some of the best customer service I have come across.

    Yes, I recommend this product

  • 1 / 5
    Terrible craftmanship
    BIKE TYPE: Naked
    My girlfriend and I have both the pants and the jackets associated with them. We bought them just over 1 year ago and the seam between the mesh and the leather on one of the legs on my girfiend's pants is already coming apart. It started with a small tear (~2cm) which she repaired on her own and after one more week of riding it started in another place on the same seam, now the rip is 20 cm.
    Basically she needs new pants after just 1 year of ownership just because of quality issues, for the rest the pants are barely worn. She is reluctant to buy Rev'it again.

    No, I do not recommend this product