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Take a look at our diverse trousers collection and you’ll see that there’s something for everyone. Our motorcycle clothing options range from the casual yet very protective riding jeans, to leather pants, to high-tech, take-you-around-the-world touring trousers.

In each segment, we pay special attention to the various needs of the riders. We take into consideration the environments the trousers will be exposed to. If you are predominantly an urban rider and spend most of your time on the city streets, we create jeans and trousers that offer great style but also potent protection. That means you get the benefits of staying safe but looking good on and off the bike. Furthermore, our jeans or chinos come equipped with SEESMART™ protection at the knees, and have the option to have protection at the hips. They’re not only super breathable but they are flexible and you probably won’t even notice they’re there.

When we talk about taking your trousers to the track, you’ll feel confidence in your gear each time you put your knee down. We use top-quality leathers, put stretch panels in the places you need most and add the right amount of perforation so you stay cool in the hot sun or under pressure! Let’s dig a little deeper in terms of the aforementioned stretch panels. Instead of just using regular materials that allow flexibility we use what’s called a PWR|shell stretch material, which has aramide and nylon fibres for extra strength. So, you get the movement you need and the protection you’re after.

If you’re taking the long way home, meaning you’re traveling the world or won’t be back in the comfort of your own bed for a while, be prepared for whatever the weather is doing. Choose between 2-layer or 3-layer trousers, ones with our signature hydratex® waterproof membrane or ones with GORE-TEX® laminated to the outer shell. Our textile trousers are designed from everyone from the long-distance enthusiast to the around-town jaunt rider.