REV’IT!’s Urban Collection of motorcycle clothing falls under our Tailored Technology philosophy. That means design and innovation are the driving forces of every garment in this category. Don’t worry, safety is a huge component, too. Though the emphasis lies with the styling of the product and the materials they are created from.

When we say our urban clothing is being driven by innovation, we are this that we’re constantly seeking the most technologically-advanced materials we can get our hands on; leather or textile. This allows us to create motorcycle clothing that moves more freely with the body, is extremely protective without all the bulk and clothing that can effortlessly transition from the motorcycle to the street without anyone noticing.

Like with many things, it’s easier said than done. But we’re always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping you protected. That’s why we developed our SEESMART™ protectors. Found throughout our urban collection, as well as other items in our clothing repertoire, these ultra-thin yet highly-potent protectors absorb impact energy and disperse them through their hexagonal shape; transforming kinetic energy from an impact into thermal energy. What makes them great is that they’re barely noticeable. Slip on an overshirt or urban jacket and you’ll be amazed at how free your limbs are to move around. That’s not always the case with bulky protectors that limit your movement and feel limiting.
This makes it possible for us to create denim overshirts, jeans, leather jackets, for both women and men, that are flattering and comfortable.

Our Urban collection of motorcycle clothing is also always evolving. We take classic fashion silhouettes then make them motorcycle ready. This can be seen via our interpretations of the fishtail parka, a down-filled jacket, a nod at early British motorcycle jackets and more. Explore how our Urban collection fits into your motorcycle lifestyle.