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Navigating through the city can feel like it takes forever once your hands start to get cold and uncomfortable. Have a look at these male and female additions to our lineup of city winter gloves, and get the heat back in those hands.

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Few things are worse than that frosty feeling through your fingers when you know you are still ways away from your destination atop your motorcycle. If only your gloves could keep up with what nature throws at you… Well, this is your lucky day! We’ll walk you through the latest additions to our extensive Urban winter gloves collection.

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There’s a correlation between the distance traveled in harsh conditions and the amount of weather protection you need. Even the slightest of chills can be uncomfortable, but if it’s the tail end of your ride that’s becoming too much, it’s normally an easy fix without going overboard.

The Crater 2 - in both a men’s and a women’s version - builds upon the well-deserved reputation as an urban winter glove that covers your basic needs for protection against the road and the cold. Making sure the latter is taken care of, the Crater 2 gloves come equipped with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® technology and polar fleece, making sure you have happy hands when you reach your destination.


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With a clear link to the Crater 2 in terms of design, it’s the H2O part of the Hydra 2 H2O’s name that makes the difference. These short-cuffed winter motorcycle gloves are perfect for city use, especially for those riding in the rain more than they wish to. Our renowned hydratex® membrane means business when it comes to keeping your hands dry, as this makes them fully waterproof and comfortably breathable.

To make sure they allow full freedom of movement for your hands, the membrane is installed in a Z-liner construction with McFit® technology. Upping the temperature in colder conditions, we’ve incorporated Thinsulate® G Polar fleece, a material known for trapping heat in air chambers without creating too much bulk. This way your hands stay comfortable and warm.

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With protection against the elements covered, you also want to be protected in case a ride ends in a less fortunate manner. Both the Crater 2 WSP and Hydra 2 H2O gloves come standard with a safe yet stylish heavy rib covered hard-shell knuckle to protect your upper hand.

The same goes for a Temperfoam® palm slider and the addition of our well-known PRW|shield knit at the palm of the gloves. Both the Crater 2 WSP and Hydra 2 H2O are carried out in a combination of drum dyed goatskin at the palm while the upper hand is carried out in our PWR|shell stretch material.

Barely visible but beautifully convenient is the Connect Finger Tip material you will find on the thumb and index finger of both glove types. Whenever you find yourself lost for directions or looking to quickly send a message before heading off, with this clever feature, you are digitally connected to the world around you without having to take your gloves off.

The Hydra 2 H2O gloves go one-up in terms of protection in comparison to the Crater 2 WSP, as they come standard with Temperfoam® finger and thumb knuckles as well.


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You can take winter readiness as far as you want, whether it’s even more hardcore protection against the elements or simply a longer cuff you’re after. Check out the alternatives. And remember, there’s even more to choose from!

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