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For this Spring/Summer riding season, we chose another angle to the camouflage theme called “Forged Carbon.” Let us run you through the full lineup of camo-inspired styles that will enable you simultaneously blend in and stand out.

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The basic principle of camouflage is to prevent others from seeing you; not necessarily the thing you’re after when moving around in the urban jungle. That said, we know that it’s not quite like being in a forest! Visibility is something to take into account when applying the camouflage theme to motorcycle garments.

Sounds like a conflict of interests, doesn’t it? To counter your under-the-radar look, we’ve incorporated laminated reflection to all the styles sporting the camouflage theme, making sure that even in the dark, you’ll have reflective material present to highlight you on the roads after sundown.

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Torque Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - 1

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Meet the latest addition to our forged carbon print lineup: The Torque Ladies. This jacket shares its basics with our already known men’s Torque jacket, albeit with a true female fit. The Torque Ladies was developed to offer “breeze with ease” when the sun’s out thanks to big mesh panels.

On the flip side, it also allows you to use it on the less than optimal days. That’s because it’s equipped with a detachable hydratex® liner that’s not only waterproof and breathable but also functions as a wind-stopper, so it’s great for cold/chilly mornings as well.

It’s your go-to summer jacket for those rides that don’t necessarily ask for big preparations; just put your essentials in one of the pockets on the inside or outside and ride. Then, thanks to an incorporated short connection zipper, zip into almost all REV’IT! trousers, and/or REV’IT! riding jeans by using our Safeway 2 or Safeway 30 belts.

From grey-toned camo to a more playful soft pink touch, to a full black version, with multiple color options available you should have no problem sticking to your preferred personal style.


Torque Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - 2

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The Torque jacket is spec-wise on par with its female counter part, so you will find similar functionality. A detachable hydratex® waterproof and breathable liner doubles as a wind blocker on chilly mornings before you zip it out and allow for full airflow to reach your upper body.

Allowing that air to flow through to you are the big mesh panels at the front and back. Yes, there’s a black version, but sticking to the theme of this article, you might prefer the grey-camo or green-camo versions better.

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Torque Motorcycle Jacket - 1

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Both the Torque and the Torque Ladies jackets come equipped with our comfortable, CE-rated SEESMART™ shoulder and elbow protectors.

If you want to add extra armor, both jackets come prepared for our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert, which slides right into the designated pocket.

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Flare Motorcycle Jacket - 1

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Sticking to the camouflage theme in a more traditional way - but adding a season to stretch the jacket’s use - the Flare jumps in. Waterproof protection comes from a fixed hydratex®|G-liner, and thanks to a detachable thermal liner, the Flare jacket allows you to encounter colder weather with comfort.

With the thermal liner taken out, and the VCS ventilation zippers opened at the underarms and at the back, the Flare can be used in the summer as well; making it a versatile option for those who don’t limit their riding to one specific season.

Whereas the Torque jackets have the camouflage prints applied to the sleeves and sides, the Flare is fully decked out - in grey or green - and has reflective logos incorporated to make sure you stand out at night. CE-rated protection at the shoulders and elbows come standard, with the option to include our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector.

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Torque Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - 3

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Looking at the discreet mantra that goes hand in hand with the camouflage theme, we’re guessing you’ll want to combine this style with other items from our Urban collection. Thanks to motorcycle-ready jeans, sneakers, and the right pair of gloves, you’ll manage to stay under the radar while looking great on and off the bike.

Torque Ladies Motorcycle Jacket Look

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Want to add a splash of color? We’ll run you through the look of the soft pink camouflage Torque Ladies in combination with our riding jeans, sneakers, and summer-ready gloves.

Torque Motorcycle Jacket Look

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Grey all the way! Combine the tonal camouflaged Torque jacket with grey jeans, and black sneakers and gloves to get into the dark groove.

Flare Motorcycle Jacket Look

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Also suitable with waterproof textile trousers, the style of the Flare jacket screams for - you’ve guessed it - the right pair of jeans. Add a little blue to your style and allow the Flare to stand out even if it sports the camouflage theme.

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Torque Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - 4

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