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The Livingstone and Bowery jackets: a throwback to the early days of British motorcycling. Two garments that take the styling of yesterday yet are fully prepared for today and the future. 

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Some of you might recognize the Livingstone as it is an already established member of the urban commuter family. The Bowery is a direct descendant albeit shorter. The Bowery has a similar look and feel as the Livingstone, but made for those who don’t want as much length when on or off the bike. We’ll run you through both jackets’ features and let you decide what it’s going to be : long or short.

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In regard to fighting the elements, both the Livingstone and Bowery share an identical technical background. Our hydratex® membrane is installed to take care of waterproofing and breathability so your riding isn’t limited to sunny days. The beautiful Polycotton outer shell material offers motorcycle-ready abrasion resistance in case of an unfortunate mishap. 

On top of that, the treatment it received to get that distinct finish doubles as an additional buffer against the rain. You’ll stay comfortable and dry at all times. If rain doesn’t scare you, nor does the cold, you’ll be happy to know that both jackets come with a snug detachable thermal liner that is easily removable when temperatures rise. 


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Meet REV’IT!’s revolutionary, in-house developed SEESMART™ impact protection technology. Hardly noticeable yet extremely potent.

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SEESMART™ - How it Works

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The style of these jackets originates in an era where impact protection was unheard of in motorcycle gear. But we live in an era where protection and style can and do live symbiotically. We’ve installed our top-spec, CE-rated SEESMART™ armor at the shoulders and elbows. Their thin appearance means the fashionable silhouettes of the Livingstone and Bowery aren’t disturbed by bulky or protruding pieces.

Don’t be fooled though, these uniquely structured protectors offer true motorcycle fortification in case your ride ends less fortunately. Looking to add a little extra to either of these jackets? We’ve made it easy to install our additional SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert into an already incorporated pocked. 

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We’ve already walked you through the elements of protection against the road, the rain, and the cold, but there’s more! We haven’t gone overboard with anything that would harm the unique style of these jackets. That said, we made sure there’s enough storage space in both. Although this is a battle that the four-pocketed Livingstone might win (if you need to keep all your essentials close).

We also kept in mind that adjusting the fit after the detachable thermal liner is taken out must be super easy so you still look the part. Classic-looking details like the zipper, buttons, and in case of the Livingstone, the adjustment belt, are latest-spec components. Last but not least, both jackets are equipped with comfort panels at the upper back, contributing to the looks, but most of all, to adding comfort freedom of movement to your ride.


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There you have it. Two styles inspired by the past while we made sure they’re future friendly. If this theme tickles your feathers, it’s up to you which one it’s going to be. We’ll give you an idea by showing you the looks when combined with other products from our collection.

Motorcycle Jacket Bowery - Look

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Short but sweet. The Bowery offers that classic jacket look in a compact package. Carrying its 100% motorcycle-ready characteristics over to the rest of your outfit is made easy thanks to an extensive jeans, shoes, and gloves collection; made to look casual while offering serious protection. Allow us to give you an idea how this might look like, and remember that there are plenty of styles to choose from if you’re looking for a different look.

Motorcycle Jacket Livingstone - Look

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The best of British motorcycling lives in the Livingstone. But you don’t have to leave it solely up to the jacket in terms of safety or style. With an extensive lineup of jeans, gloves, and shoes, we make sure you’re always ready to ride without anyone noticing you’re wearing 100% motorcycle-ready protection. Get a glance of what your next favorite riding outfit might look like.

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Like the style but still looking for more options before you decide? Take a look at a few of these alternatives. They might be closer to what you’re after or might even be that one-up you’ve been searching for.


Motorcycle Jacket Triomphe
Motorcycle Jacket Stealth 2

Stealth 2 JACKET

Versatile, functional, and invisible. No one will know you’re wearing a motorcycle-ready jacket while you rock up in your next favorite hoodie - on and off the bike that is. Get up to speed with our Stealth 2 jacket.

Motorcycle Jacket Trench GTX

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