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Fashionable footwear laced with invisible protection. Perfect for on and off the bike.

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As the literal foundation of every rider’s stability and balance, it’s sometimes hard to believe that many motorcyclists out on the road wear pedestrian casual sneakers when dodging road hazards and navigating city traffic for the sake of style.

Understanding how important it is for riders to be able to express their personal tastes, REV’IT! is proud to present our new collection of sharp-looking riding sneakers infused with Tailored Technology: top-notch protection plus all-day comfort – whether riding or walking.

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We’ve designed and engineered riding sneakers before. So have many others. Now with a more holistic approach, we are elevating the game by taking influences from the most popular footwear style elements from fashion and streetwear. We then combine them with the technologies we have at our disposal from 25 years of bringing motorcycle safety apparel to the streets.

Those technologies include our in-house developed hydratex® waterproofing system, super strong fabrics and leathers, integrated thermoformed heel/toe structures, integrated shift pads, and more. Additionally, we’ve partnered with a leading shoe industry player like OrthoLite® to bring to you the comfort you’re looking for in your next favorite sneakers.


Being an innovation-driven company, we like to find the right solutions for any scenario; with safety being the end goal. That’s why we implement a methodology used for system analysis in the design process: The use case.

A rider gears up to go for a ride, grabbing their helmet, jacket, and gloves from the closet. Knowing they’d be out and about in the city for the rest of the day, they want to put on shoes that are comfortable to walk in, ones that allow a look that matches the outfit they’re riding in, along with ones that pair well as the casual clothes they’ve got on underneath.

Then a text arrives notifying them of plans to stay out into the evening for some city nightlife. After a bit of agonizing – weighing the pros and cons between fashion and protection - the aforementioned situation leads them to reach for a simple pair of soft canvas sneakers, with little structure, and no rider safety design baked in. Is this acceptable for the sake of looking good? We say no.

Take a look below to see our latest Urban sneakers collection that accepts no compromises whether it’s in terms of style and/or safety.


Motorcycle Sneakers Jefferson

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Patterned after the world’s most popular high-top sneaker styles, we’ve connected the aesthetics of streetwear culture’s most iconic profiles and silhouettes with our Tailored Technology philosophy. In the new Jefferson, for example, we’ve used natural, soft nubuck leather for a quality look and feel with artificial leather in key areas, like the toe gear shifter area, for strength and resilience.

Additional fabrics like a soft mesh lining for moisture wicking comfort and a rugged washed canvas for strength, paired with our suite of CE-ready thermoformed structures, key reflective stripes, and ventilated panels show how much thought and time our REV’IT! makers spent in the design lab.



Whether it’s cruising along the boardwalk by the beach or meeting up with a few buddies, an understated West Coast style sneaker can play a critical part in any smart wardrobe. With a trim profile and clean aesthetics, the Arrow belies the performance and technology found underneath it’s almost downplayed look.

CE-compliant thermoformed heel and toe cups complemented with an injected ankle cup, along with a collection of tough yet soft nubuck, perforated leather, 3D air mesh, and breathable OrthoLite® insoles all keep you looking and feeling as cool as a California evening’s breeze.

Motorcycle Sneakers Arrow


Motorcycle Sneakers Delta H2O

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Do you want to change your game up? Have you been waiting for a riding shoe that can both serve as the perfect accent to the right outfit, or stand out from the crowd on its own legs and style...no matter the weather? Look no further, wait no longer, the Delta H2O is the motorcycle sneaker you’ve been seeking!

This hydratex®-equipped waterproof shoe is engineered by using our years of experience and the best-looking denim. It is also harmoniously executed with industry-leading abrasion resistance, mated with the clean profile and classic aesthetic to match any number of styles and outfits. Ride confident and look confident knowing you can handle anything Mother Nature and a night in the city can throw your way.



Whether it’s one down/five up, or a stroll down the sidewalk, our Tailored Technology footwear allows you to stick to your personal style while keeping your feet protected and looking good.

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By introducing the above-mentioned new models, we’re adding a few great shoes to an already extensive collection of motorcycle gear. Our range consists of entry-level basics to high-tech offerings for heavy users.

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REV'IT! products are available through a global network of motorcycle apparel specialist dealers. Use our locator to find the closest location to you, no matter where you find yourself in the world. It’s just that easy.

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We get a lot of questions about how to maintain your favorite piece of motorcycle gear. Whether your item is made of leather or textile or has GORE-TEX technology, follow our wash and care instructions to keep them in top shape.