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The Williamsburg

The urban, all-weather motorcycle parka that gets you through winter in style.

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We take the essential all-weather parka to the next level, combining classic style and form with our Tailored Technology design mantra. Taking its cues from the super-hip Brooklyn neighborhood namesake, the Williamsburg jacket incorporates everything that’s cool about an urban parka and packages it in a fully modern and functional riding garment. With dark outer tones of the Polycotton 2L construction contrasted by a splash of bright color found in the hood liner, this jacket lets a rider cut an elegant profile when off the bike, while still distinctly standing out from the crowd.




The common association in years gone by with the word ‘parka’ may suggest braving brutal snowstorms or summiting mountains, but more modern trends in city style suggest a trimmer, lighter silhouette. Think less Mt. Everest and more brooding 90s British rock band.

The Williamsburg can tap into the both worlds; the water and wind-resistant shell features a fully waterproof and windproof Hydratex® mesh G-liner underneath. Coupled with a detachable thermal liner, this jacket allows you to look sharp and ride even sharper during spring, fall and winter riding seasons. Added style points are gained via its full-sleeved liner’s deep blue finish.

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Ride Tough

From Brooklyn to Amsterdam, big cities all over the globe can be a hazardous place for the urban motorcyclist; dense traffic, fast bicyclists and pedestrians’ eyes glued to the glow of smartphones can, at any moment, venture into a rider’s path. This jacket was engineered to have your back, literally, with reflective material on the rear of the shell to help wake sleepy tailgaters.

Additionally, a highly abrasion-resistant outer shell, a pocket prepared to house the optional SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector, and most of all, our signature CE-rated SEESMART™ armor at the elbows and shoulders will help keep you safe and looking good in case things get ugly.



Tailored Technology

It all boils down to our Tailored Technology design mantra; creating fashionable silhouettes which seem to almost burst under the number of technical features hidden inside - figure of speech, of course.

The Williamsburg is no exception to this rule, as its fashionable polycotton outer shell hides numerous features that together make up for your next favorite winter jacket, on and off the bike.

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One element shared between a parka worn ascending an epic peak through a blizzard, and one worn while cutting through the city on a motorcycle is fit. In both scenarios, loose fabric can mean all the difference between being warm and mentally sharp, versus being distracted and shivering from the cold.

With multiple closures, adjustment straps, a two-way front zipper and a trim city cut, these characteristics all work closely together to keep things snug and help seal out foul weather.


Another factor shared between outdoor adventurers and urban riders in preparedness. Having places to stow the essentials for wilderness - or city survival - is key to the experience. Rider-specific features like a knitted collar, drain eyelets in a hood with full detachability all put the devil in the details.

Mountaineers and motorcyclists alike will also appreciate a myriad of compartments; stash pockets, chest pockets, a document pocket, a napoleon pocket, inner pockets and a phone pocket keep things secure and keep them close by.


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Mix & Match

With a jacket like the Williamsburg, there are various ways to put together an outfit that suits your personal dress code. Whether you like it black, or dare to show some color. You’ll always look casually sharp. Allow us to give you some suggestions.

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Williamsburg Jacket - Green


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The PopularBlack Edition

Williamsburg Jacket - Black


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The Alternatives

If you like the Williamsburg, you might also want to take a look at these styles. Engineered according to our Tailored Technology design principles, just with different looks.

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Meet the Triomphe jacket. Our take on the classic hooded parka. Stay warm, dry and stylish on your motorcycle and on the street.

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There’s beauty in simplicity and it comes in the form of the West End jacket. It’s casual and understated garment, yet 100% motorcycle ready.

Livingstone Jacket


We pay tribute to the early days of British motorcycling with the Livingstone jacket; sleek, functional, yet modernized and fully protective.


Jackets Collection


By introducing the above-mentioned new models, we’re adding a few great jackets to an already extensive collection of motorcycle gear. Our range consists of entry-level basics for occasional riders to high-tech offerings for heavy users.

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