If you’re looking for stylish, protective and female-specific motorcycle clothing, you’ve found yourself in the perfect place. We don’t just take existing men’s clothing and size them down, slap some different colors on them and label them “ladies.”

We have a dedicated team designing and engineering jackets, trousers, boots, gloves, jeans, shoes and more just for women. Taking into consideration the things that women want in clothing: comfort, great fit, protection, top-notch materials, etc., we use these tools to bring women the best of the best. What’s great about our ladies collection is that we appeal to riders across the whole spectrum. There’s something for everyone.

For the hardcore, long-distance adventure touring types, we have gear that won’t quit. Ride through torrential downpour without worrying about if the jacket and trousers you’re wearing will keep you dry. Or traverse through extreme heat while staying cool, thanks to our ventilation panels and cooling products.

Urban commuters, whether on a scooter or motorcycle, will not be disappointed with what we have in our collection. Our protective gear can also double as street fashion, meaning it’s designed to transition seamlessly from two wheels to two feet. The jackets are perfect for social gatherings, for wearing to work or just looking good around town.

Sport riders will love the two-piece garments we offer because they not only look fantastic, but hug the female form in all the right places. They don’t bunch where they’re not supposed to so you can enjoy your time behind the handlebars.

We have “casual” shoes that look like a stylish pair of high-top sneakers, yet are fully-protective and motorcycle-ready. And, we’ve made them so comfortable that you’ll have no issues walking around in them when you’re not riding.

Take a closer look at our women’s motorcycle clothing collection. We know you’ll be wowed.