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Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves Motorcycle Gloves
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Slip on a pair of our ladies gloves and you’ll immediately feel that they were specifically engineered for female hands.

Regardless of genre you ride in, safety isn’t scarified for style. The combination of fabrics, whether textile or leather, fit snugly around your hands for ultimate comfort. They are then infused with protective technology to keep you safe in various instances. Reinforcement can come at the knuckles, finger knuckles, wrists, palm and more.

We also weatherproof our gloves by giving specific styles 100% waterproofing, ones that are ideal for even the hottest of days and ones geared to handling extreme cold. For the warm days on the motorcycle, ample breathability and ventilation are offered. For cold days, a high loft fur liner can be found, along with insulation that won’t get in the way of being about to use your controls properly.

You have the choice of either short or long-cuff gloves. Those who prefer a “gauntlet” style glove will get that extra protection up the forearm and over your wrists. For shorter cuffs, perfectly placed adjustment straps contribute to the ideal fit.

The Connect Fingertip is something that we’re not only proud of, but something that is extremely functional. When you’re not riding, there’s no need to take your gloves off if you want to use your smartphone or adjust something on your navigation screen thanks to this feature. It makes life easier and without the hassles of putting on or taking off your gloves regularly.

Whether you’re looking for a winterized glove, one to match your two-piece leather suit or one that will brave the adventure along with you, our ladies gloves are what your hands need.

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