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Motorcycle clothing and protection go hand-in-hand. It’s not really motorcycle-ready if it’s not protective.

That then raises the question: should protection be bulky and uncomfortable to be functional? Our answer is a resounding “No!”

Through our innovative technologies - and countless hours spent on research and development – we’ve created incredibly-thin yet highly-functional and impact-absorbing protectors as part of our SEESMART™ collection. Typically found in our Urban motorcycle clothing, they’re almost undetectable because they’re so efficiently packaged, yet are CE-rated and disperse energy in the unfortunate case of a mishap. They can be found in our jackets or overshirts at the elbows and shoulders, and in our jeans or trousers at the knee and/or hip.

In terms of protectors offered, we have options for the back, chest, elbow, knee, hip and shoulders.

If you’re looking for back protection, our jackets and overshirts are prepared to easily house our available SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protectors. We make it exceptionally easy to figure out which insert is perfect for your jacket, as it’s written on the inner lining of the garment. Our SEESOFT™ divided chest protectors also give you additional protection when inserted.

The award-winning SEEFLEX™ limb protectors our typically found in our dynamic or precision motorcycle clothing; both pants and jackets. What makes them so effective is that they’re highly ventilated, flexible - they have adaptive ergonomics – have a CE-level 2 rating and still function as needed in hot or cold temperatures.

When we say you don’t need bulk in motorcycle clothing protection, we mean it.

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