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The Jeans Fit Guide
100% Motorcycle-Ready Jeans
You’ll find a comprehensive spectrum of motorcycle jeans in a variety of fits and washes for both male and female riders.

We understand that everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to riding jeans – but comfort and safety should not be sacrificed in the process. To make it easy, we’ve put together a guide on how to find yourself exactly what you’re looking for in your next pair of motorcycle jeans. Discover our men’s and women’s collection or follow the guide to select the right model, color, and size.

01 Skinny fit

Skinny fit riding jeans have the narrowest or “skinniest” silhouette. They hug the hips, thighs, and calves all the way to the ankle. There's no tapering or flare in the leg area and they offer an instant figure-complementing appearance. Our skinny fit jeans have stretch properties and therefore provide amazing flexibility and comfort. They’re our most fashionable fit as they look very stylish and lean on whomever is wearing them.

Jeans Jackson 2 SKClassic style, Skinny fit riding denim to match your urban rides

Sleek and fitted by design, the black-washed CORDURA® denim fabric of the Jackson 2 SK jeans is incredibly stretchy and comfortable, while retaining that quintessential skinny look. Easy to match with just about any riding outfit you feel like with stylish and secure fit and feel sewn in, these A-rated jeans are ready whenever you are. 

Available in Black.

Jeans Marley Ladies SKSkinny fit, regular waist, protective jeans for the fashionable urban female rider

With its slender and sleek silhouette, the Marley Ladies SK jeans are the skinniest of our Skinny fit options, bringing a secure and stylish fitting feel to the fore. But don’t think its tailored design is just about looks either. Female-specific fit and a regular waist assure you’re literally covered in terms of both safety and comfort.

Available in Medium Blue Used.

Alternative products

Also check out our traditional five-pocket Carlin SK blue jeans style or the Piston 2 SK with a comfortable, slightly higher waist. For the ladies, our beautiful Maple 2 Ladies SK jeans and the legging-inspired Ellison Ladies SK fit any outfit. And you can’t go wrong with our Shelby 2 Ladies SK jeans’ charms.

02 Slim fit

Slim fit riding jeans are designed to create a look that ensures your legs have definition, without feeling too clingy. It takes the best of regular fit jeans and then tailors it down in the thigh area to the ankle. A modern-looking riding jean with a narrower fit and classic style.

JEANS REED SFA Slim fit pair of protective riding jeans for the urban playground

By fusing contemporary style with the inherent old-school cool looks of jeans, our Reed SF jeans go well with modern sports jackets and naked bikes as well as Heritage leather and boots. The Reed SF’s versatility is only surpassed by their top-end AAA safety rating and the truly authentic denim look and feel we all know and love.

Available in Dark Blue Used and Medium Blue Used.

Alternative products

In the Slim fit category, you’ll find our endearing chino-style Dean SF jeans in two neutral yet fashionable hues to easily match with whatever outfit. For the ladies our Victoria 2 Ladies SF jeans knock it out of the park with a slim-fitting, high-waist construction that looks the part and wears as comfy as jeans should.

03 Tapered fit

Tapered jeans feel comfortable from the waist to the thigh area, while from the knee down, the model tapers, becoming narrower as they reach the ankle. They offer a more contemporary look without the discomfort of being too tight. Get the freedom of movement you need and the best of both worlds.

JEANS LEWIS SELVEDGE TFDenim motorcycle jeans with CORDURA® for every ride

If you know jeans, you know Selvedge. With our Lewis Selvedge TF jeans, we’re bringing this iconic style to motorcycling with CORDURA® stretch denim, reflection incorporated in the unmistakable self-finished edge, and these stylish yet comfortable Tapered-fit jeans are AA rated. Fashion and function, past and future; it all comes together. 

Available in Dark Blue.

Alternative products

Ready for the road in style and comfort. That’s assured with all our Tapered-fit jeans. With our Salt TF as the used blue jeans-look option and the Detroit 2 TF offering on-trend stretchy characteristics. Or what about our worker-inspired the Davis TF or the specifically sport-focused, blacked-out Moto 2 TF jeans?

04 Regular fit

The riding jeans most people consider to be “regular.” They’re made to fit and look like iconic archetype styles. A relaxed fit from the waist to the ankles. This timeless pattern rests lightly against your upper legs without constriction. From the upper legs down, these jeans sport a straight cut. Pair it with a pair of motorcycle sneakers or boots and you’ll be good to go.

JEANS LOMBARD 3 RFProtective, every day, Regular fit jeans that echo your fashion sense

With virtually unnoticeable protection, adjustable armor positioning, and impressively high levels of stretch, the Lombard 3 RF jeans are all about versatile wearing comfort. The Lombard 3 RF jeans are ever ready to ride but won’t look out of place once off the bike. Whatever you’re matching these jeans with, you’re in control of your style.

Available in Dark Blue Used and Dark Grey Used.

Alternative products


05 Loose fit

This style gives you all the room in the world to move around. Don’t mistake them as baggy, as their fit is mainly offered to add maximum comfort to your ride without feeling like your legs are drowning in your jeans.

JEANS NEWMONT LFCasual, Loose Fit jeans perfect for the style-centric urban rider

With a comfortable Loose fit and washed denim looks like those of your everyday jeans, the Newmont LF jeans wear like a good pair of jeans should. All day and every day, on two wheels or with both feet firmly on the ground; you’re getting casual looks and you’re getting a AAA safety rating. You would almost forget you’re wearing motorcycle gear.

Available in Dark Blue Used.

Alternative products

Don’t mistake our Philly 3 LF jeans for being baggy; these are our take on your average pair of blue jeans with all the roomy comfort you would expect from any pair of jeans, but 100% ready for life on the bike. With all the freedom of movement you’ll ever need, the loose fit lets you enjoy every ride to the fullest.

Your Perfect Pair Awaits

Now that you’ve seen what we offer, it’s time to find your perfect pair. That way you can get out on the road, ride protected, and never think twice if your jeans are doing their job – both in terms of a second skin or style. Check out our full jeans collection.

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