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From the perspective of someone who might not be a motorcycle enthusiast, REV'IT! may seem like a company that makes motorcycle clothing. Although not untrue, there is a lot more to our company than meets the eye.

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Why do we do what we do?

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Producing innovative and well designed motorcycle clothing is only one answer to the question "What do we do?" For us, a much more important question to ask ourselves is: "Why do we do what we do?"

The answer to this question is clear, and resonates through everything we do: we want to inspire people to ride. Our products not only serve the purpose of being motorcycle gear, they are designed for you to experience your passion to the fullest: that of riding a motorcycle.

To be inspiring, not just by providing products but also as a company, you need to experience yourself what you want others to feel. That’s why our company is built around highly skilled and equally enthusiastic people who put in countless hours of research and development, so that you can live your passion the way you want.

Whether it is setting a personal best lap time on the track, braving roads less traveled or navigating through the streets of your favorite city while knowing you are properly protected, it is our goal to provide you with the gear that enables you to follow your dreams on two wheels. It is why we started our company in 1995, and it is what still moves us today.

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Our Heritage


What started out as a relatively small local distribution company with a clear focus on selling imported products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, has grown into a globally recognized leader in design, performance and innovation in the motorcycle clothing industry.


Our People


Those of us who do what we enjoy doing have more job satisfaction. At REV’IT!, this is our forte. Dedicated, passionate and inspired people are given plenty of space for this at our company.


Working at REV'IT!


Driven by our passion for Design, Performance and Innovation, we aim to make the ultimate product: a product that helps bike riders to live their passion, in safety and style. As diverse as we may be in terms of character and background, together we conquer the world.




We’re proud supporters of and contributors to a number of great charity initiatives that have a clear link to the industry we’re in. We’ve teamed up with Ride Sunday, The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride and Riders for Health to give something back to society, globally as well as locally.