All of our motorcycle clothing is CE certified
Our Story
Making big promises yet overdelivering
Since 1995, the REV’IT! brand has represented a promise. Any product carrying our mark will be born of excellence in design, performance, and innovation. Since 1995, we have shaped a significant increase in the standards of safety, comfort, and style in motorcycle clothing. And we’re still pulling the industry forward today.Since 1995, we have been inspiring to ride.
There is a need for REV’IT!

Bringing pure, intelligent design into the motorcycle clothing market has transformed riding for people all over the world. Motorcycle riders can now feel fashionable, they can feel even more confident in the innovative constructions and technologies that keep them safe, they can feel that their gear helps them perform rather than gets in their way. REV’IT! is the brand for motorcycle riders. The brand that listens to them. The brand that designs for them. Through careful and considered design, REV’IT! has always created solutions that rise to their challenges.

Global recognition

In just 25 years, REV’IT! has become one the most recognized motorcycle brands around the world. We do business in more than 70 countries through offices in Europe and the United States. And you can find our showrooms in a number of major European cities, including Paris, Barcelona, Bielsko, and Padova.

Built by passion

A brand like REV’IT! doesn’t happen by accident. We’ve carefully cultivated the most energized and dedicated people across motorcycling, design, fashion, and R&D. Our team, now over 100 strong, is our greatest investment because no other company can replicate our people and their levels of understanding, determination, curiosity, and passion. The culture we’ve engineered and the ambition that burns in us attracts talent from all over the world.

A calculated and intelligent business

REV’IT! is independent. We had to be. We couldn’t allow short-term interests to make our decisions for us. To decide on design. To decide on safety. To decide on how we do business. Those must be made by passionate experts, in consultation with our partners and our customers, and with an eye on the future. This way, we can grow and adapt faster. We can listen to what our customers need. We can forge ahead on the path we believe is best. We can construct long-term relationships with suppliers and retailers, providing every tool at our disposal in the aim of mutual growth and success. We can experiment more, discovering the new ideas and innovations that will fuel the future of our business and our whole industry.

Behind the brand

What drives REV’IT! and keeps us focused on developing motorcycle apparel that truly offers value to riders, inspiring them every day? Discover the system of values behind the brand…

The history of REV’IT!

Where did come from? Past success is great, but what’s more important is what we’ve learned along the way and how it shapes us now. Explore the timeline of events that led us here…

Behind The Scenes
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