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We make no compromises with our Dominator GTX outfit. Take it around town or around the world because it’s just that competent. 

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what is innovation?

In a discussion about what should be defined as ‘innovation’ or ‘innovative’, we determined that for something to be a ‘truly innovative’ idea, the new technology would need to enable us to offer real solutions for existing problems.

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For many years, we’ve been engineering top-spec adventure gear with the aim to provide motorcycle clothing for the most demanding riders out there; enabling them to go anywhere, anytime, regardless the conditions. So far, so good. We’ve always succeeded in this by making highly-versatile garments with removable layers.

At the top of the spectrum, these garments would then include CE-level 2 limb protectors, top-tier fabrics and, for waterproofing, we’d use GORE-TEX® removable, waterproof liners.

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More Airflow, please

A couple of years ago, we added a 3-layer, GORE-TEX, laminated outfit to the range, as we missed a model in our line-up that offered the great benefits a laminated outer shell has to offer; less water pick-up, less heat loss, higher breathability. Laminated outer shells are the perfect outer shell construction for cold and wet weather conditions.

Although the outfit was received very well by many riders out there, we continuously received the same feedback; please provide more airflow in this type of motorcycle clothing. And that’s a problem. At that time, the only solution for direct ventilation in a laminated outer shell was a waterproof zipper that could be seam-taped around the edges and that – when opened – would allow some air to slip inside.

However, no matter how many air vent zippers we used, and where we placed them, the amount of airflow was still highly insufficient. You also had to close the zipper very carefully because, when you were riding at 100km/h in the rain, water would somehow find its way through the tiniest of holes and you’d end up completely soaked.

We were about to think it was game over until one of the R&D guys came up with a brilliant idea. An idea that we first thought of as far-fetched as “Mission: Impossible.” Luckily, this “stubborn bastard” didn’t accept NO for an answer and got to work.

It turned out that the idea was so good, we were even able to patent it. So, we did. Today, it is a unique feature that you will only find in REV’IT! garments; the VCS|aquadefence system.


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How it works

The VCS | aquadefence system is a 100% waterproof ventilation system that has been specifically developed to provide the biggest ventilation surface possible in a laminated outer shell.  

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About this page

Opening Doors

The VCS|aquadefence system is truly a result of out-of-the-box thinking and clever engineering. The way it is constructed also allows us to beautifully integrate it into the design of the garment. The VCS|aquadefence system is cleverly hidden behind 100% waterproof fabric panels that can be opened and closed even whilst riding and when wearing gloves.

When you pull up the fabric panel, you can hook the button in the FidLock® magnetic closure where it sits perfectly locked. With a simple pull, you take it out of its cavity and fold it back. When opened, it reveals the actual VCS|aquadefence ventilation panel that is fully perforated and allows for tons of air to flow freely into the garment. When applied to trousers, the cooling system is always located at the upper leg.

Looking closely at the actual panel, you see that there is a rubber-like rim surrounding the ventilation panel. This is what holds the water back when it is closed. As soon as it starts to rain, simply close the panel and you’re 100% wind and waterproof. Water will not be able to pass the rim.

Having this unique solution now available to us, previously closed doors now opened to the design team. The first VCS|aquadefence system was successfully applied to a now legendary jacket named - the Horizon - that has been re-introduced recently as the Horizon 2, boasting a lot of new features, as well.


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Knowing that we got the urgent request for more airflow in our high-end laminated GORE-TEX garments, we set out for the difficult task to get the so-called style approval from GORE-TEX. After months of sampling, testing, adaptations, new samples, more testing and re-engineering, we finally got the go-ahead from W.L. GORE & Associates.

This resulted in the ultimate cold and wet weather outfit; the Dominator GTX jacket and trousers.

We can try to stay modest here, but we won’t. 

The Dominator GTX outfit is by and large, the most versatile, 4-season, laminated adventure riding outfit on the planet. Nothing comes close to the amount of airflow this ‘bulletproof’ jacket and trousers combo offers. If you’re the type of rider looking for a robust outfit that keeps you safe, warm, dry and comfortable in the harshest of weather conditions, look no further. You’ve just found it.





And there is more. In the meantime, we also developed our award-winning SEEFLEX™ CE-Level 2 limb protection range; the next generation in limb protection that is fully-ventilated, and that reaches level 2 in both hot (T+) and cold (T-) conditions. You’ll find it at the knees, elbows and shoulders.

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SEEFLEX™ - How it Works

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The outer shell of the Dominator GTX is constructed using a mixture of highly breathable 3L GORE-TEX PRO fabrics combining 600D Nylon, ARMACOR (aramid fibre reinforced ripstop fabric) and Talisman (ceramic reinforced fabric) as well as PWR|Kevlar stretch. Additionally, 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective panels have been nicely integrated in the design at the back and front of the jacket, as well as the sides of the trousers.

The inner lining is a moisture-wicking mesh shell with 3D mesh panels at the back for optimum air circulation. Please note that the Dominator GTX does not include a thermal liner. Instead, we offer an extensive choice of complementary mid layers that, depending on the intended use, will suit your purpose best.

The perfect companion for the Dominator GTX outfit in terms of gloves are the Dominator GTX gloves. Mind you, these are 3-season gloves as we did not add an insulation layer.

The main purpose was to create a pair of highly protective adventure riding gloves with extreme breathability and 100% waterproofing, both provided by GORE-TEX with grip technology. If you’re looking for true winter gloves with similar features, opt for the Taurus GTX winter gloves. Like almost all our gloves nowadays, both glove models feature the CONNECT fingertip fabric that allows you to use any touchscreen without having to take off your gloves.


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By introducing the above-mentioned new models, we’re adding a few great jackets to an already extensive collection of motorcycle gear. Our range consists of entry-level basics for occasional riders to high-tech offerings for heavy users.

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