When en route across the globe, our ambassadors and team REV’IT! members meet the most inspiring people, visit surreal places and often participate in great events. On our journeys, we also get to hear amazing stories. Stories that we’d love to share with you. Here’s where you will find them. Enjoy reading and share freely. 

What went down at Wheels and Waves 2018 and who got washed out…

Wheels and Waves 2018 was full of surprises. Find out who got “washed out” and what made the event so memorable even though it didn’t pan out as planned.
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MotoGP Sachsenring: The Waterfall Awaits!

Our riders cross the border into Germany after our home GP for the Sachsenring round. The circuit first welcomed the MotoGP circus in 1998, but the area breathes motorsport since racing started there in the 1920s.
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MotoGP Assen:Welcome to the Cathedral of Speed

We won’t get into the discussion whether or not size matters, but despite its limited surface and only two “real” racetracks, The Netherlands houses a tremendous amount of racing history; the Assen circuit in particular. With the first-ever race held in 1925, some parts of the current track date back to 1955 when it became a permanent fixture. It’s a unique circuit on the MotoGP calendar, and with the entire REV’IT! team there to cheer on our riders, they will get a taste of their “home-away-from-home” GP this weekend.
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Wheels, Waves, and wonderful memories - Our fifth trip to Biarritz

Wheels & Waves is on so many motorcyclists’ bucket list around the world it feels like rubbing it in that this year it is going to be our fifth time there. However, those four previous events have given us a bit of context for those who haven’t been yet, to see how the event outgrown its original location as well as its initial reputation. And of course to rank the event higher on their bucket list…
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REV’IT! at Bike Shed London 2018: Bring us back!

With seven shows under our belt, the Bike Shed event has been fixed in our calendar for a few years now. With expectations set higher every year – largely in part because of the “bigger and better” gospel – The Bike Shed has, once more, measured up to its motto. You’d think exceeding expectations would get harder each year. You’d think… But 2018, however, has done two things: one, it has surpassed expectations by a country mile and two, it has set the bar higher. Much higher. Again.
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Five years at The Bike Shed Go big or go home

May 25, 2018 will mark the fifth year of our participation of the internationally acclaimed Bike Shed Event hosted by The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club. Now that the custom scene has grown to what it is today, it’s a perfect time to look back before staring ahead to the 2018 show, of which we are the headline sponsor. And sticking to The Bike Shed’s ongoing tradition, it will, once more, be even bigger and better.
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