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Meet The REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team

Meet The REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team
This is how #WeADV

Get to know the faces behind the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Riding Team. A group of exceptional women who prove, time and time again, that the spirit of motorcycle exploration knows no bounds.

Adventuring into a Different World

The world has changed a lot in the past year and so have our daily routines and passions. Favorite activities like traveling and adventure riding may have taken on new meanings and purposes altogether.

Or, in some instances, the reasons why we fell in love with adventure riding in the first place have become even more apparent. Whatever the motivation behind why #WeADV, in times like this, it’s essential to know there’s still a riding community that shares the collective passion for two-wheeled exploration. While there may be certain travel restrictions and guidelines in place - luckily - ADV riding is inherently a socially distant activity.

And, as the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team proves time and time again, the spirit of motorcycle exploration knows no bounds.

Scattered across the country, all with their own individual styles and approaches to adventure riding, each team member found ways to scratch that wanderlust itch in such an abnormal time, in their own unique way.

Each episode of the REV’IT! Women’s Team #WeADV video series not only focuses on a different rider but it is also shot and produced by different creatives local to their area.

NEW JERSEYEpisode 01:Amelia NunnKeeping The Passion Alive

After a few months with no off-road riding events, it’s easy to see how Amelia Nunn was going stir crazy. Staying active, trail riding, and using any excuse to put the new Sand 4 H2O Ladies adventure suit through its paces was how she kept busy.

When Over and Out scheduled its 2020 dates, Nunn jumped at the chance to lend a hand and mark trails.

“To stay sane, you need to put on a whole different mentality where you’re not looking at a screen and you’re challenging yourself in a different way, that your body needs. And social distancing by putting on a helmet and going for a ride is the best way to do it.”
COLORADOEpisode 02:Katelyn BarnecutRiding To Nourish The Soul

Inactive and idle are not words you’ll find in Katelyn Barnecut’s vocabulary. When the rest of the world was binge-watching Netflix and learning to make sourdough bread, Barnecut went out and bought herself a Honda CRF250F as a project bike to keep herself busy.

Barnecut has done short moto-camping weekends with her husband, rode up to Canada from her home state in Colorado, and even spent six months riding across Africa. But, in her own words, “For me, it’s not all about the riding. It’s where the bike can take you.”

“I consider myself so lucky. Just the ability to get out there and use the motorcycle as a means of escape has been an incredible way to spend the year.” 
OREGONEpisode 03:Kris FantAdventuring With Every Opportunity

For Kris Fant, adventure riding is meditative. It allows her to focus on the trail and her bike, and lets everything else that’s been going on in her life fade into the background; if only for a short respite. As a Mental Health Counselor, working throughout the pandemic has been “intense,” as Fant lightly puts it. So, once her home state of Oregon opened up non-essential travel again, she considered herself lucky she was able to use her KTM 690 Enduro for short escapes.

After a few months of quarantine and not riding, Fant and her husband decided to make their own Back Country Discovery Route in their backyard; albeit much smaller in scale.

“Making your own fun is what it’s all about.”
INDIANAEpisode 04:Jenna WestClear The Mind, Go For A Ride

For many of us, adventure riding is a way to clear the mind, reset, and recharge. For REV’IT! Women’s ADV Team Member, Jenna West, it’s no different.

“For a couple of months there, I wasn’t getting to ride. Riding is my release. It’s how I deal with stress.”

Adventure riding is all about discovery, and if you can get out there and do it safely, there’s no telling what you’ll find within just a day’s ride from your own home.

“Now is the perfect time to get into adventure riding. You can go out and see things that maybe aren’t that far from home, that you never saw before because when the road turns to dirt or gravel, you keep going”.
NYC BY WAY OF ARIZONAEpisode 05:Erika Tango BeanMaking Your Own Adventure Wherever You Are

Adventure riding is a means of discovery and sometimes, as Erika Tango Bean found out, it’s not always in the dirt. Stuck in NYC, Bean was far from where she was born and raised in Tuscon, Arizona. A place where there’s no shortage of dirt roads and mountains.

For Bean, safely exploring the concrete jungle around her wasn’t typical definition of adventure riding, but, for her, it did the trick.

“NYC might be different from my typical dual-sport riding, but your senses still have to be really focused on what you’re doing. You have to be very present.”
Let’s ADV

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