Meet the 2019 REV’IT! <b>US Women’s ADV Team</b>

Meet the 2019 REV’IT! US Women’s ADV Team

Following a successful year in 2018, the REV’IT! US Women’s ADV Team welcomes two new members to the fold in 2019: Katelyn Barnecut and Kris Fant, who join Erika, Amelia, and Jenna.

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Katelyn Barnecut and Kris Fant join existing members Erika Tango Bean, Amelia Nunn, and Jenna West on the REV’IT! US Women’s ADV Team, a group geared toward shining a spotlight on the growing contributions by women to the adventure riding segment. We’re excited to share with you that the team will represent the brand individually at adventure events, rallies, trainings, and dealer nights across the country, coming together for one main team event in the summer. See you there!

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The new members have been selected because they embody the characteristics that we hold dear to our hearts: passion, leadership, and their embodiment of the “REV’IT! spirit” - one that aims to inspire others to ride. The team’s collective riding résumé encompasses tens of thousands of miles through countless countries worldwide and over various terrain.

Aside from representing REV’IT! at various on-site events, the five female ambassadors will also field-test gear. The dirtier the gear gets, the better! This will provide invaluable product feedback directly to REV’IT! designers located in Oss, The Netherlands.


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Get to know the team members a little more. Let us introduce you to them in more detail.


Erika Tango Bean

@bmwmotorcyclegirl began riding at a young age but made the transition to adventure bikes in 2012. Her favorite part about her GS is being able to carry everything she needs for camping, cooking, and sight-seeing along the way. Having travelled to eight countries on two wheels, she feels that the sights, smells and intimacy of being on a motorcycle changes a trip into an adventure. Traveling the world one section at time, whether it is a quick weekend trip or a rare month long journey, she hopes to expand the female ridership in the ADV community and to inspire other riders to explore their own adventures. Erika currently rides Betty, a bumblebee-yellow BMW F650 GS and lives in Arizona.

Erika Tango Bean



@jensmotoadventures started riding almost a decade ago, and toured the US a few times atop a Yamaha FZ6R. Though it was a thrilling experience, she craved a new adventure. Jenna then decided to trade it in for an adventure bike at the beginning of 2016. And she never looked back. She has since ridden it on multiple trips across the US and Canada, leaving the pavement every chance she can get. In addition to adventure riding, she also has a passion for restoring and riding vintage Honda motorcycles. Jenna lives in Indiana and currently rides a Triumph Tiger 800 named Tora.

Jenna West


Amelia Kamrad


Amelia, aka @millieonthemove, learned to ride in 2008 on a 1974 Honda CB550 barn rescue, and discovered a love for the ADV community in late 2013. Hooked since her first go atop dirt roads and trails, she has since become a regular fixture at ADV, Dual Sport, and Enduro events all along the East Coast. Amelia contributes to ADVMoto magazine, RevZilla’s Common Tread, and participates in NASA Rally races. Amelia currently rides a Husaberg 390 and is based out of New Jersey.

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In 2011, @distant.tracks saved a pristine BMW F650GS from its tragic street life and unleashed the bike of nearly a decade of dust, mud, and dirt track adventures. In riding motorcycles, she found the perfect link between outdoor adventure and world travel. Drawn by the simplicity and freedom of living off the bike, she feels there is no better way to explore both home and around the globe. After recently completing a 13,000 mile ride across Africa, Katelyn is now living in Colorado chasing the high altitude “roads” of the Rockies.

Katelyn Barnecut



@freespiritpixie started riding dirt and street separately in 2012, but combined the two into one with a dual sport in 2013. Kris loves commuting to work on her DR650, going down unpaved Portland alleys on her way home, and hitting the trails on the weekend. Doing Backcountry Discovery Routes while camping off her bike with her husband nurtures her soul. She loves to tell people’s stories and to volunteer at events; read her work at, or say hello this summer at the Touratech Rally West or the 49er Rally!

Kris Fant

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The Women's Team in Action

Red River Scramble – Beattyville, KY – 16-19 May 2019
Overland Expo West – Flagstaff AZ – 17-19 May 2019
BMW 49er Rally – Mariposa, CA – 23-27 May 2019
Durty Dabbers – Lock Havne PA – 1-2 June 2019
Over and Out – Hancock, NY – 21-23 June 2019
ALT Rider Conserve the Ride – Woodward, PA – 21-23 June 2019

Touratech Rally West – Plain, WA – 27-30 June 2019
Top O' the Rockies Rally – Paonia, CO – 18-21 July 2019
NE 24 Hour Challenge – Andover NY – 20-21 July 2019
Michaux Dual Sport – Biglerville PA – 19 August 2019
KTM ADV Rally West – Breckenridge, CO – 13-15 September 2019
Hammer Run – Port Elizabeth, NJ – 2-3 November 2019


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