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Expedition H2O Motorcycle Boots

Meet the Expedition H2O boots. Award-winning. Top-level performance. A true all-in-one piece of adventure motorcycling footwear.

Expeditions motorcycle bootsExpeditions motorcycle boots
Anywhere Gear

In treacherous conditions, confidence in your machinery starts from the ground up. You can have all the aftermarket parts and advanced electronic controls the market has to offer, but if you don’t have the right tires underneath you, it all counts for nothing.

On the bike, you need an equally stable foundation of support and control. The Expedition H2O aren’t simply a taller version of other boots. They were designed to handle the toughest conditions imaginable so they can go anywhere with you.

Expeditions motorcycle boots Expeditions motorcycle boots
Filling the Gap

When the REV’IT! designers set out to construct the next greatest adventure footwear, they didn’t just take note of what was already on the market, they looked for what wasn’t. The negative space between offerings is where innovation lives and where REV’IT! thrives.

Our design team recognized there were major wants and needs of adventure riders not being met. That void of top-tier performance would be the driving energy behind the Expedition H2O.

Research & Development

Initially, it seemed like Mission: Impossible. But perseverance and sheer stubbornness prevailed. It took us three years of development, over 100,000 testing kilometers, 27 prototypes, 134 comments, and 86 adjustments before we got the end result that we wanted: the revolutionary Expedition H2O boots. The new standard in adventure riding boots.

Years of Development03
Test Riders08
Test Pairs27
Test Kilometers128K
Making Serious Miles

For over a year, a selected group of highly experienced and knowledgeable adventure riders had accumulated over 100,000 kilometers of on and off-road test rides, under the harshest of conditions.

It ranged from extreme hot and dry to soaking wet and freezing cold weather – and everything in between. The Expedition H2O boots have already travelled more roads and visited more continents than even the most experienced adventure rider will likely ever explore in their lifetime.

Our test riders provided us with invaluable feedback, which helped us to continuously re-engineer, revise and remodel the prototype boots to perfection. Now, they’re ready for you to experience a completely new dimension in comfort, safety, and performance. Meet the boots of the future.

Despite what you might see from competitors, combining design and technology doesn’t have to be a compromise. Form and function can work hand-in-hand and the Expedition H2O boots are proof. They are sturdy and steadfast because that’s how we engineered them. Here’s how we were able to achieve that.

01. Ergonomics & Protection

Dynamic Support Frame

The solution to reaching the next level of protection without sacrificing next-level rider comfort was the development of the Dynamic Support Frame (DSF). The REV’IT!|DSF prevents hyper extension of the tendons and muscles. The three key components work together as one system, allowing you to ride hard in any terrain without worrying about your safety.

The 3 Main Components:

01. Calf Support

Offering support to the calf by closing the BOA® lace closure.

02. Heel Cup

Provides protection to the ankles and connects to the calf support at the ankle pivot points.

03. Stability Frame

Allows the hydratex|Sphere construction to be applied to the boot and provides stiffness to the sole, which considerably helps reduce fatigue when standing on the foot pegs.

02. The Perfect Tension

The BOA® Fit System

We gave the Expedition H2O boots an incredible amount of protection and armory so ADV riders can forge on with confidence in their footwear whether they put those details to the test or not. If they never have to put it to the test, great. However, the innovation every wearer of the Expedition H2O boots experiences is the BOA® fit system.

You won’t find archaic buckles and flimsy ratchet straps here. Using aircraft-grade steel, the BOA® fit system secures the boot with a custom-like fit and it’s all done with a simple twist of the dial, which easy enough to be done even while wearing gloves.

03. Waterproofing & Breathability


The Expedition H2O boots, if you haven’t already deduced it by their name, are waterproof. It sounds like a no-brainer but when our designers looked around at the top-tier of technical off-road riding boots, waterproof options were non-existent.

The addition of hydratex|Sphere laminated construction brings the Expedition H2O to another level. Where inclement weather or a water crossing might stop other adventure boots, ours press forward.

04. Extreme Comfort

Vibram® Apex Sole

The Vibram® Apex Sole provides grip, stability and control, and the added multi-density EVA layer absorbs shock. That’s all while the anatomic footbed makes the boot extremely comfortable.

REV’IT! designers worked side-by-side with Vibram® to create the first fully co-branded Vibram® sole in the motorcycle market: The Vibram® Apex sole.

So, what sets the Vibram® Apex sole apart? We redesigned its structure to meet the distinct needs of motorcyclists. This includes: a self-cleaning, open lug pattern that brings traction and safety, an asymmetrical heel line that optimizes the boot position on the crank, and an added multi-density EVA layer that reduces overall weight and absorbs shock.

05. Protection at Shin & Tongue


REV’IT! engineered the SEESOFT foam with the goal of creating a low-profile, flexible and breathable protector with the highest, defensive values. It was a success.

The result is a non-distracting, pliable foam that can absorb multiple impacts without compromising comfort, ventilation, or freedom of movement. The highly impact-resistant blend of Nitrile and Polynorbornene rubber results in a memory foam that is multi-impact rated and remains comfortable over time. In the case of an impact, the memory foam layer will distribute the energy over a larger, effective surface area, and therefore minimizing the energy that is transmitted to the leg.

The Trails Less Traveled

We can take you there. Shop our Adventure Off-Road footwear collection and the gear that complements it. Enjoy nature to the fullest knowing you’re ready for anything.

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