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Feel the rush
Drown out the noise and crank up your ride’s own tune
Airwave 4 & Airwave 4 Ladies outfitsDon’t sweat hitting the twisty roads when the sun hits the highest point in the sky and ride on until dusk to enjoy the thrill that only long days and warm-weather rides really can offer. The Airwave 4 and Airwave 4 Ladies outfits are male and female Adventure Sport jacket-and-pants combinations that wrap you in extremely breathable, abrasion-resistant mesh and 3D air mesh fabric. To let in all the air. Meanwhile durable ripstop and softshell fabrics will let you, and your style, ride with the confidence of comfort and safety.To drown out the noise and crank up your ride’s own tune. Now let’s go. Feel the rush.
Keep your ride in tune
Four generations of evolution

The heritage of the REV'IT! Airwave series goes back across a decade and three previous iterations. But although the general vibe has not changed the latest installment is yet another evolution of a highly breathable Adventure Sport classic. Boasting incredible ventilation levels, sturdy adventurous design, and CE-level 1 impact protection at shoulders and elbows, you’re looking at a hit outfit that will keep your ride in tune when things heat up.

SPORTIVE ROAD-READY FITTurn up the sporty riding

Though much of the Airwave 4 is a technical and innovative upgrade from the previous model, the new Airwave 4 and Airwave 4 Ladies outfits have both been turned it up in terms of sporty road-riding prowess. The sporty fit and an even sportier impulse into the jackets and pants’ designs offer pitch-perfect, confidence inspiring security on those long warm days in the seat when you’re simply in the groove and turns just keep coming. When you’re in the proverbial – or literal - hotseat, that’s when the Airwave 4 will keep you both looking and feeling cool.


Feel the breeze take away distraction as the Airwave 4 outfit’s massive mesh paneling and ventilation allow in large quantities of refreshing air. To keep you settled and focused for the ride in general, but specifically for when it’s time to go corner carving. Mixing abrasion-resistant open-weave mesh with ample, breathable stretch fabrics, the Airwave 4 is made to move with you by technical design. Allowing for comfort to keep you sharp and keep you moving.

To keep you focused for when it’s time to go corner carving.

Have no fear, the female-specific Airwave 4 Ladies jacket and pants here. With a specific design – not just a downsized men’s cut outfit – for the female rider, you get warm weather-riding comfort like no other.


Match your Airwave 4 outfit to your bike’s colors or just pick the style that resonates with you best. With five different outspoken colorways for the Airwave 4 jacket and two designs for the Airwave 4 pants, there’s always something for you.


With the Airwave 4 and the Airwave 4 Ladies outfit you’re getting all-day warm-weather riding comfort as well as style assured. With a broad variety of outspoken, modern colorways and even broader array in sizing – there’s always a fit for you. Get on and head out into the enjoyable heat of summer.

Turn it up. With style, safety, and sportive prowess – with the Airwave 4. Feel the rush.

Adventure Sport
For those ever ready to answer when the curves come calling. Adventure Sport is where the talking stops and the next turn is all that matters.

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