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The Hot Weather Adventure Gear Buying Guide
Adventure OnWith the warmer months upon us, keep your cool on your next adventure with these ventilated, protective, and excursion-ready garments. 

Keep it Cool.

Keep it Cool. Keep Exploring.

When the sun is burning bright and the temperatures are high, you need the right motorcycle gear to keep you feeling comfortable. That’s why our CE-certified adventure collection includes a wide selection of jackets, pants, and gloves that were designed to help keep your body temperature at the right level while riding in warmer weather. Wear something without enough ventilation and you run the risk of overheating, bringing your exciting outing to an unfortunate halt.

The key element to staying comfortable in warm weather is airflow. We equipped all our mesh outfits and gloves with big ventilation panels made from abrasion-resistant mesh fabrics. These fabrics enable the constant flow of (cool) air to your body while protecting you during slides and/or mishaps.
Our well-ventilated, multi-season outfits include our VCS|Ventilation system that consists of multiple ventilation zippers and panels on the chest, back, arms, and legs. This way you have a lot of options to regulate the airflow toward your body depending on the weather conditions and temperature.
All the SEESMART, SEESOFT, and SEEFLEX protection used in our adventure collection is equipped with a large number of ventilation holes; making sure your body heat can escape through the armor. It allows  you to still enjoy maximum protection without sacrificing on comfort.

Let us run you through all the products in our adventure collection that are designed to keep your body temperature at the right level while protecting you from impacts and slides on or off the road.

Cayenne 2 – Maximum Mesh

Meet the Cayenne 2 outfit: our rugged, top-spec adventure outfit for those driven to break all boundaries in hot weather. It has been specifically developed to offer the highest level of protection and abrasion resistance while keeping you cool and comfortable at the same time.

The Cayenne 2 outfit is constructed with the strongest mesh fabrics and are prominently located at the front and back. This allows for tons of air to freely flow through the outfit and toward your body to cool you down while riding in the heat.

Tornado 3 – Taking on the Heat and More

The versatile Tornado 3 outfit has all the features you need for your next adventure in hot weather… and even bad weather: ventilation, waterproofing, and a top level of protection. The 3D air mesh panels on the shoulders of the jacket and the PWR|Shell mesh on the front, back, and arms will help keep the rider comfortable and feeling fresh.

For the days where the temperatures are on the low end, or for wet/damp weather, we equipped the jackets and pants with a waterproof hydratex®|Lite 2-in-1 liner. To make it extra versatile, the detachable waterproof liner in the jacket can be worn on its own off the bike. The Tornado 3 outfit is available for both men and women.

Airwave 3 – Feeling Breezy

Take on any challenge in hot weather with the Airwave 3 outfit. It’s highly ventilated yet affordable, making sure you stay comfortable in high temperatures without breaking the bank.

To provide a continuous flow of air to your body, PWR|Shell mesh panels are found at the front, back, and arms. Couple that with the abrasion-resistant stretch ripstop chest panels of the jacket - which help improve upper body comfort and flexibility during active riding - and that’s a winning combination. The Airwave 3 outfit is available for both men and women.

Multi-Season Versatilitywith our Ventilated Outfits

If you’re looking for something that performs very well in rising temperatures but also something that doesn’t fear the elements, we have a few of options for you. To keep you cool in high temperatures the Sand 4 H2O, Defender 3 GTX, and Offtrack 2 outfits are equipped with the VCS|Ventilation system, which includes a big number of ventilation zippers and panels you can open to direct fresh air to your body.

To keep you feeling good and dry on the colder and wetter days of the year, we’ve equipped these outfits with removable waterproof and thermal liners. Making sure you can enjoy any adventure in any weather: hot, cold, or wet.

Get a Good Grip withthese Ventilated Gloves

It’s important to keep your hands as fresh and dry as possible during adventures in hot weather so you can maintain the right feel and grip of your controls on your bike. That’s why we have a sizeable collection of ventilated gloves that are fully prepared for active riding in higher temperatures.

Cayenne 2 Gloves

The Cayenne 2 gloves are the go-to, top-spec summer hand protectors in our adventure collection. These lightweight and comfortable leather gloves offer the highest level of protection without sacrificing dexterity.

Your hands will stay fresh and dry in warm temperatures because of the built-in breathability provided by the perforated leather used all over the gloves. A special grip patch at palm and thumb offers extra grip on the handlebars when the riding gets more technical.

Mesh Gloves

Our Sand 4, Dirt 3, and Volcano mesh gloves are constructed with our abrasion-resistant 3D Air mesh that ensures great airflow to your hands while riding in high temperatures. Perforated leather on the inside of the gloves keeps your hands safe from slides on any surface, while providing a lot of grip on the handlebars.

The flexible TPR protection on the knuckle is very comfortable and will protect your hands from impacts. These three aforementioned mesh adventure gloves are available for both men and women.

Your Next Adventure Awaits

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a diehard off-roader, or someone that just gets on their bike and follows the road to wherever, we want you to ride safely and comfortably. Check out the rest of our Adventure Travel garments in case you need something more tailored to your climate.

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