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Wearing the right base and mid layers on any adventure can make a world of a difference. These seemingly humble garments are critical for maintaining optimal body temperature and moisture control during any adventure, regardless of weather conditions.

Base layers, often constructed from moisture-wicking materials, ensure perspiration is efficiently moved away from the skin, keeping riders dry and preventing chills during cooler rides. Meanwhile, mid layers offer insulation and warmth, crucial for the colder seasons or high-speed journeys. Together, they create a thermal barrier, protecting you from extreme temperatures.

We consciously created our base and mid-layer collection to optimize the riding experience when coupled with selected outer shells (jackets or pants) to set riders up for success. In the unpredictable world of motorcycling, where conditions can change rapidly, we make it easy to construct the right combination for you.

Find your match. Get out and ride. 

01.Base Layer

Base layers are the unsung heroes of riding comfort. Designed with moisture-wicking, typically synthetic fabrics, they help keep you dry by moving sweat away from your skin. Whether things on your ride are heating up, or it’s cold but you’re actively moving due to technical terrain, keeping perspiration at bay means you can keep riding and stay focussed. 

BASE LAYERShirt Thermic

Insulated, moisture-wicking, long-sleeve base layer

Meet the tight fit Thermic shirt. An ideal companion as your first layer of defense against the cold. 

Engineered with hypoallergenic Dryarn® fabric in very specific, strategically placed knitting patterns, this long sleeve base layer shirt actively insulates body heat. Meanwhile, perspiration is wicked away, absorbed by the fabric, and allowed to evaporate away from the skin, preventing moisture from conducting between the cold outside and the heat inside.

Even the raised elasticated collar is designed so the base layer comfortably wraps around the neck, preventing rising heat from leaving your core. Never leave home without the Thermic shirt.

02.Mid Layer

A well-selected mid layer is an indispensable component for riders seeking optimal warmth. Functioning as a thermal insulator, it mitigates temperature fluctuations, preserving rider comfort. Whether facing frigid winds or sudden drops in temperature, the mid layer acts as a vital barrier, enhancing both safety and performance in the technical realm of motorcycle riding.


Lightweight and breathable, actively insulated, full stretch mid-layer jacket

The snug-fitting Climate 3 jacket is all about low weight yet high tech. We’ve included the Polartec® Alpha® active and breathable insulation created specifically to provide temperature regulation in active situations when you’re on the move. We further added range-extending features like the inherent quick-dry, hydrophobic properties, durable ventilation under the armpits, as well as two side pockets and a chest pocket.

Better yet, it’s designed to look just as good snugly worn under your motorcycle jacket as it does in broad daylight. Fully functional and fully fashionable – all rolled into one.


Female-specific, lightweight and insulated, synthetic down-injected and padded mid layer jacket 

Our Solar 3 Ladies padded mid-layer jacket is about purpose and design. Simple but effective, the Primaloft® Gold injected synthetic down is made to offer high levels of insulation – and comfort – at a low weight, for when the colder days inevitably arrive. Elastic drawcords help adjust the fit to keep body heat in and thanks to two zippered side pockets and a chest pocket, you’ll have your personals at hand whenever, wherever.


Entry-level, insulated mid-layer jacket with a female-specific fit

Meet the Core 2 Ladies jacket, our entry-level insulating mid layer made to wear underneath practically any REV’IT! outer shell that doesn’t come with a thermal liner. For the times when the cold isn’t biting as hard, it’s a perfect complement for end-of-summer rides when temperatures just start dipping, or early morning jaunts. It’s highly breathable, lightweight, and easily packable. Take it everywhere you go, whether you’re on or off the bike.


Insulated mid-layer pants

Breathable. Lightweight. Packable. Those three adjectives best describe the Core mid-layer pants. With a unisex fit, they’re geared to any body that wants to stay comfortably warm and to help prevent the slowly – but surely – energy-sapping process of cooling down. With a smart design in mind, the Core 2 mid layer pants are designed to compactly fit between your base layer and your motorcycle pants, effectively insulating body heat without impeding crucial freedom of movement.

Where under layers and outer shells meet

The Lamina GTX Ladies and Echelon GTX outfits were specifically engineered to be combined with our smart base and mid layering system. That way you can stay in control of your temperature wherever you find yourself. 

Paired for Adventure
Whether your rides take to the highest peaks or the lowest valleys or anywhere in between, be prepared for anything with gear as hard working and smart as you are.

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