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The Future Starts Now

All terrain.All weather.Fully adaptable
Why?Adventure. By definition an unusual and exciting or daring experience, we wouldn’t want any other way. Yet, it’s when the going gets tough, that you need to have your wits about you, your focus at its sharpest, and the drive to carry on undeterred.To brave the cold of the wind and the vision-blurring haze of slashing rain. To have the strength and dexterity left to tackle terrain that would take the heart of even the boldest riders out there.It’s when the going gets tough, that Stratum GTX will allow you to raise the bar on what the future of adventure can be – to rise above yourself and to truly embrace that unusual, exciting, or daring experience. That future starts now.
Two layers. Zero compromise.
Stripped to its core

Compromise means choosing between one or the other, but with Stratum GTX compromise falls to the wayside thanks to its unique layering system, encompassing two fully functional jackets into a single solution.

Both the new Air Layer and the Shell Layer are designed to complement each other. Worn separately or layered together, they enable you to press on and make the most of whatever climate or weather type you may encounter.

Each layer has been designed and engineered from scratch, based on critical and constructive input from seasoned and demanding ADV riders.

This rider-centric approach laid the groundwork for a range of intuitive design features that’ve simplified the process of layering up or down to the point it becomes something entirely intuitive.

It truly is the one outfit to do it all – barring any compromise.

Weather the wind.Ride out the rain. Stop at nothing.
The Shell Layer

The Shell Layer is comprised of carefully selected, premium GORE-TEX 3L Pro fabrics and materials. Assembled to maximize each of the materials’ inherent performance, characteristics, the equilibrium achieved offers equal parts comfort and protection.

Impenetrability assured

Engineering to withstand a force that exceeds monsoon-intensity rain is no mean feat, yet through 500 hours of extreme waterproofing, the Shell Layer is capable of living up to 28,000 mm of water column pressure without failing.

That built-in ruggedness extends to abrasion resistance as well, with a B-level CE-rating for the Shell Layer and to ensure you’re safeguarded from even the harshest winds; the Shell Layer also works as an impenetrable wind barrier.

And although defense against wet and windy weather is secured, perspiration is still allowed to pass through and out thanks to GORE-TEX’ built-in breathability characteristics.

GORE-TEX 3L Pro fabrics

Gear built to take you further than you’ve ever been before, requires materials that can keep up. At the core of Stratum GTX' design, strategically selected GORE-TEX Pro fabrics take center stage. Crafted to cater to outdoor professionals with the most robust protection from the elements and performance-focused breathability at the same time. The GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise assures you those boxes are firmly checked.

01 Durably WaterproofProtection you can count on. Whether you’re facing torrential rains or freezing precipitation; you might get wet, but you'll stay dry.02. Extremely BreathableTackling the elements requires breathability that let’syou crack on. Extreme breathability will allow perspirationout without letting moisture on in.03. Totally WindproofBlocking all wind from penetrating, you won’t lose valuablebody heat in even the coldest gales and stormiest ofconditions.04. Very RuggedNot just pro by name, GORE-TEX Pro was conceived to provide protection that lasts. No matter how extremeconditions might get.
200D + 400D GTX 3LFlexible and practical
performance details

Tear strength: 142,5 N

∙ Breathability: RET 9m2Pa/W

∙ Waterproofing: 28,000 mm H2O

∙ Waterproofness durability: 500 hours

ARMACOR GTX 3L PRODurable and tactical

∙ Tear strength: 157 N

∙ Breathability: RET 6m2Pa/W

∙ Waterproofing: 28,000 mm H2O

∙ Waterproofness durability: 500 hours

Instant on-demand cooling,just one zip pull away

When the weather changes or temperatures rise, time is of the essence. Simply pull on the waterproof TIZIP MS6 zipper to open the Shell Layer jacket’s center-front ventilation panel in an instant.

With the ballistic mesh panel opened up, air is allowed to flow in, directing a cooling airflow at the torso to help regulate your body temperature.

Separate panels on both sleeves and pant legs add to the on-demand ventilation capacity, effectively drawing in air thanks to their unique air-catching shape.


∙ Lateral chain strength: 250-300 N

∙ Lateral strength bottom stop: 80-40 N

∙ Lateral strength pin and box: 90-60 N

Breeze through blistering heat
The Air Layer

Constructed almost entirely from a range of specifically selected mesh materials, the Air Layer is designed with maximized airflow in mind.

The highly breathable yet thoroughly durable materials have been meticulously mated and strategically positioned to draw air into areas of both the jacket and pants where its cooling effect is most essential.

Open-structured, aerating mesh

Perspiration-affected parts receive additional attention to airflow to avoid clamminess, while potential high-impact areas boast more protective prowess. Its body-hugging fit is made for comfort and to rid you of dexterity hindering excess material.

Our proprietary, CE Certified level 1 and 2 protection keeps you safe without risking heat accumulation thanks to its unique, thoroughly ventilated design. As a result, the Air Layer will keep you cool, regardless of how hard even blistering desert heat might try to fight it.

01 Class AA CE CertifiedCountering that near-logical sense of security weightygarments offer, the Air Layer brings top-end Class AAsafety levels to the fore without a weight premium.02 Body-hugging fitWith a snug, body-hugging fit protection componentsstay perfectly positioned at all times, benefiting bothrider safety as well as comfort.03 LightweightBarring any unnecessary bulk while maintaining thenecessary safety levels, the Air Layer offers tacticalprotection without weighing you down.
PWR|SHELL MESHBallistic and breathable

The proprietary, high-performance PWR|Shell mesh material is made to excel in both breathability and durable ruggedness – tested up to a tear strength of 130 N. To keep you safe while keeping you cool.

OPEN-STRUCTURED POLYESTER MESHLightweight and highly breathable

Fully protective and yet extremely well-ventilated, the open-structured mesh fabric allows cooling air to pass through the garment with ease. Its tested tear strength of 92 N will assure safety and durability.

AA+B CE CertifiedOffers the highest level of protection in our adventure collection.
Feel confident toexplore the world
Strength through unity

Both the Air Layer and Shell Layer come outfitted with safety features unique to the Stratum GTX. Designed as the layer you’ll wear most often, the Air Layer houses all the CE Certified level 1 and 2 protectors. These lightweight SEESOFT, SEESMART and SEEFLEX protection components are developed in-house to safeguard your back, hips, and limbs.

Basically, connecting all the protectors and enveloping you, is the Air Layer’s abrasion-resistant, yet flexible mesh fabric, hugging your body for optimal protection.

The Shell layer is outfitted with protective, multi-layer prints that offers additional protection on high-impact areas.

With both layers combined, their engineered strength through unity offers an AA+B CE Certified Class protection - the highest level of protection in our adventure collection.


∙ CE-Level 2
∙ 62% More airflow*
∙ 11% Lighter*
∙ Optimized flexibility*

*compared to SEESOFT back protector

∙ CE-Level 2
∙ Flexible ergonomics
∙ Highly ventilated
∙ Internal expansion structure
∙ Tear and break resistant
∙ Temp. insensitive:
T+ 40 °C / T- -10 °C

∙ Comfort in all climates


∙ CE-Level 1
∙ Extremely flexible ergonomics
∙ Highly ventilated
∙ Internal expansion structure
∙ Tear and break resistant
∙ Temp. insensitive:
T+ 40 °C / T- -10 °C
∙ Comfort in all climates

Split-second decision.Split-second adaptation.
Instantly adapt to any condition

Set on laying firm foundations, initial development of Stratum GTX was built on rider feedback, exhaustively interviewing experienced and exacting ADV riders to draw a clear image of crucial rider necessities. Easy and effective adaptability to a broad array of conditions proved unanimously the top priority.

This starting point led us to engineer a plethora of innovative solutions into the Stratum GTX’ design, made to work effectively and easily to the point it becomes intuitive.

EASY ACCESSElongated zipper

Similarly simplified, the waterproof YKK zippers running along the length of the pant leg makes taking the pants off so easy, you can even do it while keeping your boots on.

FUNCTIONAL BEAUTYIntegrated waist belt

Simply look at the Shell Layer pants’ sleek, integrated belt design. Unfastening requires just a single click, with or without gloves on.

DUAL PURPOSEDetachable hood

Turn the Shell Layer’s jacket into a fully functioning hiking jacket, by adding the GTX hood with an integrated storm collar. You’ll be equipped to outsmart the weather wherever you go.

How to adapt
The core of the concept

The layering system that’s at the very core of the concept behind Stratum GTX combines its layers to tailor the outfit to the condition at hand to attain an adventure-ready solution that’s more effective than the sum of its parts. From base and mid layers and combinations of the Shell Layer and the Air Layer – there’s always a fitting solution to instantly to adapt to overcome any condition.

Cold Climate

∙ Stratum GTX Shell Layer
∙ Mid-layer
∙ Stratum Air Layer
∙ Base-layer

Wet Climate

∙ Stratum GTX Shell Layer
∙ Mid-layer
∙ Stratum Air Layer
∙ Base-layer

Warm Climate

∙ Stratum Air Layer
∙ Base-layer

Off the Bike

∙ Stratum GTX Shell Layer
∙ Mid-layer
∙ Base-layer

The tougher the rides, the greater the stories.

With its revolutionary, innovative layering system Stratum GTX was conceived, designed, engineered, and developed to turn adversity to adventure – because the tougher the rides, the greater the stories. Stratum GTX is here to enable you to go above and beyond, to take to where even the roads less traveled seem overcrowded, and to raise the bar on what the future of adventure can be.

Consider the bar raised.
The wait is over.
The future starts now.

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