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Garments Tailoredto the Needs of Urban RidersStyle-centric, motorcycle-ready overshirts that turn heads and keep you cool. Meet some of our favorites.

Ride-Ready Riding Shirts 

Overshirts have been gaining unprecedented traction over the past couple of year on the market and it’s easy to see why. To the naked eye, they’ve been designed to resemble your regular streetwear for general use in and around town. That said, our overshirts are ready to take on any urban adventure, on and off the bike. Our goal was to create something you’d be wearing all day, but with the abrasion resistance and impact protection combined inside, wrapped in a comfortable package.

First we set the bar, now we’re raising it! The credo “never change a winning team” applies to the Tracer 2. We used the past seasons to reflect upon the success of our overshirts and took to heart some of the points we wanted to improve upon. The result? Even stronger products that continue to impress the masses; with even more to come soon. The Tracer 2 looks like denim, it feels like denim (because it is!), but we’ve laced it with CORDURA®, giving it the abrasion-resistant qualities you need and the strength you want in case
anything happens out on the road.

Summer in the City

Summer is nearly upon us (and in some places, already in full swing) and warm-weather riding is just around the corner. With rising temperatures, we can sometimes experience uncomfortably hot days on the bike where it’s all too tempting to put on something less appropriate for motorcycle use. You know what we mean! T-shirts and flip flops are never a good option.

That said, we can help get the air flowing toward your body when riding so you’re less likely to overheat. To help you feel the breeze, we recommend the Tracer Air overshirt. Abrasion-resistant mesh, CE-certified, and great looks are just a few of its talking points. Not to mention it has style for days and is available in three color options.

All Day, Every Day

The Worker looks like your everyday casual workwear that you’d put on whenever, wherever. But looks can be deceiving. While most – if not all – onlookers will regard it as a style item, there’s just so much more. We engineered it with CORDURA® canvas, making sure its abrasion-resistant nature is integrated seamlessly.

And behind the button-down front center flap is a full-length zipper for quick on/off. Furthermore, wearers will find an air outlet at the upper back to keep the breeze flowing while tackling the heat of the urban streets. Be cool, be confident, but most importantly, be yourself.

Protection Against Precipitation.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten those who live in precipitation-prone areas. That’s why we created the Bison WR (WR stands for water repellent) overshirt. Equally chic yet with built-in functionality for when the rain starts to fall.

The Bison WR has a relaxed fit and offers all the protection you need to stay safe to get to your next destination dry and in style. Rain or shine, you’ve got the right features you need to throw your leg over your bike and hit the city streets.

Get Connected

It’s the small things in life that can make a big difference. Take our Safeway 2 belt for instance. Thanks to the incorporated zipper on the belt, you can now zip virtually any REV’IT! jacket - all overshirts included too - to our jeans. We’ve got our original Safeway 2 belt, or a slimmer version known as the Safeway 30.

More Casualness

Overshirts not your thing? No problem. We can still help you maintain your casual status with these urban-centric selections. Whatever you ride in, ride safe. We help you do that.

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