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Scorpiocustom madeYour suit, your wayMotoGP gear for mortals isn’t easy to acquire. It’s something many dream about owning yet fall short in attaining. Like a Superleggera V4 or the HP4 Race. That is, until now. With the airbag-ready REV’IT! Scorpio custom made, you can now get a race suit that's MotoGP-level in specs, designed with the same meticulous attention to detail as the gear our professional #revitriders use, customized to your body.
Go full MotoGP spec
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After releasing the top-tier Scorpio race suit in 2020 – developed by partnering with the top-of-the-line, Italian-made craftsmanship of Vircos with our own signature REV’IT! design – our two brands joined forces for good in 2022. Vircos, a thoroughbred racing company with over 40 years of experience, specializes in custom-made leather racing suits and serves as the official supplier for REV’IT!’s professional riders in MotoGP and WorldSBK. 


As our next step forward together, we are proud to launch the REV’IT! Scorpio custom made program in which Vircos’ experts customize and tailor the new Scorpio one-piece race suit for racers and riders. 

Custom craftmanship

Experience the ultimate blend of style, safety, and craftsmanship. Our made-to-measure leather suits are not just pieces of protective gear; they are works of art, handcrafted with passion by the same skilled artisans who create suits for MotoGP heroes.

Crafted in the heart of Italy, a country renowned for its rich history in fashion and motor racing, every stitch, every detail of our suits echoes the dedication and expertise that goes into creating gear for the world’s top riders. 

We supply the blank canvas, you supply the vision. There are 28 different measurements needed to create a custom leather suit. We designed a system to take them all perfectly, with a specialized consultant, in the comfort of your own home. After you’re measure to perfection, we’ll carefully assemble 165 pieces to create your bespoke suit, which will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of weeks.

Safety first
Kangaroo leather

As with the suits used by our MotoGP riders, kangaroo leather is the way to go. Compared to cowhide, a kangaroo skin offers an incredibly high level of abrasion resistance in a thinner package which offers two big advantages. 

Those two advantages are more flexibility and less weight. For professional riders, two crucial factors in search of that last thousandth of a second, and for track-day enthusiasts, a major win to hone their skills in full freedom of movement. 

Airbag prepared

The Scorpio custom made suit is prepared for the Tech-Air® Race airbag system which easily zips in to become an integrated part of the suit. 

This system operates independently of your bike as a stand-alone unit and is developed to provide full upper-body protection. When fully inflated, the Tech-Air® Race system offers protection to the back, kidneys, chest, and shoulders. 

Elbow sliders

You’ll be needing more than just the replaceable knee sliders that come standard. You’ll be happy to also find the replaceable elbow sliders on the Scorpio’s sleeves. 

Not just there for the bragging rights, these elbow sliders will become more and more relevant to track day riders looking at the fact that modern sport bikes and the sticky tires that they come with them allow you to maintain high corner speed, which ultimately, comes with the need to use more lean angle in. 

Your DesignOur Expertise

How it works

Create your own design for your Scorpio custom made race suit in our configurator above and have it close by during your scheduled virtual appointment. This way you can discuss all the details with our consultant online. You’ll also be able to talk about personalization wishes, and for instance, if you would want to opt for the premium Tech-Air® airbag system. 

step 1Design

Unleash your creativity! Imagine designing your dream MotoGP-level suit from the comfort of your home. Our online design platform gives you the power to bring your vision to life. Choose the colors you like, select your features, and add personal touches that reflect your unique style. Craft your dream suit pixel by pixel, stitch by stitch, in a seamless blend of technology and Italian craftsmanship. Be careful not to forget to save your work during the process. Should you want a specialized print or something not included in the configurator, contact us to discuss with you what your options are. 

step 2Measure

All our sessions with a fit specialist are done virtually. But don’t worry, it’s not our first time doing this. It’s done regularly with the pros throughout the season. One of our skilled specialists will guide you through the measurement process via video call. They’re there to help you get every measurement right, and to answer any questions you may have. 

Step 3Production

All Vircos suits are handcrafted in Italy with the highest attention to detail. With over 40 years of experience, any Vircos suit comes with the promise of offering the perfect fit that takes away any distractions from your suit when you ride or race. 

Just as much attention to detail goes into the process of acquiring your next favorite racing suit. From the remote measuring concept that allows you to get a MotoGP-spec suit without leaving your home, to an aftersales service structure that keeps you up to date on your purchase and is happy to answer any questions you have in the meantime. 

The fit guaranteeThe responsibility for accurate measurements rests with us. If you encounter any fitting issues, we’re committed to assist and make necessary adjustments to tailor your ultimate riding experience.
Step 4Delivery

Once your made-to-measure suit is ready, we will have your suit delivered directly to your home. Experience the thrill of unboxing your MotoGP-level suit in the comfort of your own space, at a time that suits you best. 

REV’IT! is committed to ensuring a seamless, personalized experience tailored just for you. If any adjustments are needed after your first fitting, we’re here to help. 

Step 5Time to ride

When you zip up your REV’IT! Scorpio custom made suit, you’re not just preparing for a ride, you’re stepping into a world where every curve is a challenge and every straight a victory lap. Feel the adrenaline rush, the roar of the engine in sync with your heartbeat. This isn’t just gear, it’s a passport to the racetrack of your dreams. Because in a REV’IT! suit, every ride is a race, and every race is yours to win.

Starting at
€2,999.99**Excluding Tech-Air® Race airbag
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Are you ready to begin your journey to the ultimate MotoGP experience? At REV’IT!, we’re here to bring your dreams to life. Schedule a virtual fitting session and let our experts guide you through the process via video call. 

Remember, your REV’IT! suit isn’t just gear; it’s a personal statement, a blend of protection, style, and Italian craftsmanship, and we’re committed to making it perfect for you. Don’t wait any longer. Book your REV’IT! experience today, and step into a world where the possibilities go as far as your imagination. 

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