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Kickstart a Revolution

As the foundation of every rider’s stability and balance, it’s hard to believe that so many motorcyclists wear pedestrian sneakers when dodging road hazards and navigating city traffic, all for the sake of style and convenience. Because we truly understand the importance of riders being able to express their personal tastes, we’re pushing boundaries with a new footwear collection of sharp-looking kicks infused with our Tailored Technology.

We aim to provide top-notch protection plus all-day comfort, both on and off the bike, to all riders. We imagine a global community wearing shoes that protect, perform, and allow for self-identity and expression. For everyone. Everywhere. The movement starts here with the new REV’IT! Sneaker Revolution.

The Intersection of Fashion & Function

We’ve created riding sneakers before. So have many others. Now with a more holistic approach, we are elevating the game by taking influences from the most popular footwear style elements from fashion and streetwear. We then combine them with everything we have at our disposal from 25 years of bringing motorcycle safety apparel to the streets.

But maybe most critical is the sum of the parts: using REV’IT! technology like hydratex® waterproofing, lab-tested and CE-approved fabrics and leathers, integrated thermoformed heel, toe, and armored ankle structures, then combining them with leading shoe industry components like OrthoLite® insoles for user comfort.

Taking rider comfort to the next level

OrthoLite® is the leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM insole foams for the world’s leading footwear rands. The new OrthoLite X-40 insole is incorporated in all the new footwear models, delivering unrivaled comfort and performance, outperforming other insoles on every measurable level.


Key features & benefits
- Long-term cushioning
- Eco friendly
- Lightweight
- Moisture management
- Washable
- High-level breathability

Next-Level Footwear Our latest sneaker drop consists of three new high-tops that all bring something different to the game. The common denominator? Included alternate color laces, plus performance for days and style for miles.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about building West Coast-style high-top shoes and turned the volume up to 11 on the Filter. The nubuck leather main construction and a suede tongue honors the classic skate-inspired shoes, but the pop of color on the detail stitching and accents move fashion forward. This is then paired with a translucent color-core sole that will have you stand out in traffic and stand out from the crowd.


We broke the mold when we designed the Astro shoes. Drawing influences from both fashion and streetwear culture, the Astro is unlike any shoe we’ve ever made. From the multi-material construction of 3D air mesh and nubuck perforated leather, to the modern running trainer profile and moisture-wicking leather lining, the REV’IT! design lab really went above and beyond with the Astro.


This basketball-sneaker-inspired riding shoes are akin to a massive high-five between sneakerhead and motorcycle cultures. These CE-certified streetstyle kicks were made for the wild urban freestyler in mind, but are also on a mission: to redefine the standard in protective, yet stylish riding shoe design. A unique combination of colorways, as well as materials like synthetic perforated leather, washed canvas, and oiled suede make sure the Pacer’s style will last for miles to come.

Fast CasualThe next three styles are shining examples of thoughtful design and premium riding performance done right. We’ve taken some of these styles and made subtle changes/additions to the Ladies’ versions: an adjusted fit with a more elegant silhouette for form, and a slight lift in the heels for added rideability on the bike.
Arrow & Arrow Ladies

Whether it’s cruising down the boardwalk or meeting up with a few friends, the Arrow is an understated West Coast-influenced sneaker that can play a critical role in any smart wardrobe. With a clean aesthetic, the Arrow belies the technology found within its almost downplayed look. A sum of its parts? A tough yet soft nubuck, perforated leather, 3D air mesh, and breathable OrthoLite® insoles all working together to keep you looking and feeling as cool as a California breeze.

Delta H2O & Delta H2O Ladies

Do you want to switch up your riding game? Have you been waiting for a shoe that can both serve as part of your daily riding repertoire and let you stand out in the matter the weather? Boom, the Delta H2O are the motorcycle sneakers you’ve been looking for! These hydratex®-equipped waterproof shoes are constructed with highly abrasion-resistant riding denim, a material we’ve spent years perfecting so you can get the most out of your shoes. We then fuse it with a classic aesthetic to match any wardrobe. Ride confident and feel confident knowing you can handle anything Mother Nature and a night in the city can throw your way.

Jefferson Shoes

Patterned after the world’s most popular high-top sneaker styles, we’ve connected the aesthetics of streetwear culture’s most iconic lines with our Tailored Technology Design Philosophy. In the Jefferson shoes, we’ve paired natural, soft nubuck leather for a quality look-and-feel with artificial leather in key areas, like the toe gear shifter area, for strength and resilience. Fabrics like a soft mesh lining for moisture-wicking comfort and a rugged washed canvas for strength are then paired with our suite of CE-ready thermoformed structures, key reflective stripes, and ventilated panels. The result? A well thought-out and meticulously crafted pair of sneakers form the REV’IT! design lab.

Urban Meets SportSometimes, you want to make a statement. Sometimes, what you wear is an extension of your bike and how you ride. Life in the fast lane demands high-speed performance and the looks to match. If your style slows down for no one, then these Urban Sport offerings are right up your alley.

Through our involvement at the highest levels of road racing – MotoGP and WSBK – we’ve learned a few things. And with that knowledge, we’ve adapted that information to work in daily street life. Enter the G-Force shoes. They’ve been designed to pair perfectly with contemporary streetwear fashion sensibilities and they’re perfect for any rider who needs a go-to for both daily commutes or for a weekend ride into the twisties. A host of state-of-the-art materials like hexagonal air mesh, synthetic leather, microfiber, perforated suede, and seamless TPU film will make you feel like a force to be reckoned with in the city.

G-Force H2O & G-Force Ladies

Take everything that makes the above shoes as unique and competent as they are to the next level thanks to multi-season protection against the elements. Meet the G-Force H2O and G-Force H2O Ladies shoes. The incorporated hydratex®|Z-liner helps to keep the water out while still allowing breathability and all-day comfort. Be the hero of your ride. With gear like the G-Force H2O, you don’t have to think twice. Just act.


Answering the demand of performance-minded street riders, the Mission shoes offer technology and style to those who are driven by racing and sport riding. These shoes are a hybrid between riding sneakers and protective motorcycle boots, delivering the best of both worlds. Thermoformed heel and toe cups are paired with an injected ankle cup which provide the confidence you’re looking for while riding in the concrete jungle. The OrthoLite® insoles allow for comfort when walking the boulevard. Win-win.

More Footwear? From head to toe?

There's no need to compromise between fashion and motorcycling performance with our Footwear Collection, but it doesn't need to stop there. From head to toe, our Urban Sport Collection has got you covered, whether it's finding the perfect pair of shoes for a day on the bike AND picking the right outfit as an extension of your personal style for a night on the town.

See the full REV'IT! Urban line, and kickstart a revolution.

There's no need to compromise between fashion and motorcycling performance with our Footwear Collection, but it doesn't need to stop there. From head to toe, our Urban Sport Collection has got you covered, whether it's finding the perfect pair of shoes for a day on the bike AND picking the right outfit as an extension of your personal style for a night on the town. See the full REV'IT! Urban line, and kickstart a revolution.

Urban Sport Collection
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