All of our motorcycle clothing is CE certified

The REV’IT! Jeans Collection
Indistinguishable.100% Jeans. 100% Moto.From couch to café racer, and life in between, there’s no need for a wardrobe change thanks to these road-ready jeans.

Motorcycle Jeans To Express Your Style

All you need is the right pair of jeans and two wheels; allowing you to enjoy your bike to the fullest on the road while being able to transition into full casual mode in no time.

Regardless of which of our Urban Sport capsule collections you prefer, we always have the right pair of jeans that fits the way you want to express yourself.

How Our JeansCame To Life

Our first motorcycle jeans collection saw the light back in 2013. No, we weren’t the first to offer riding denim, but being dedicated to challenging the status quo, we certainly decided we were going to do things differently.

Back then, we set ourselves two lofty goals: creating the most fashionable motorcycle jeans while bringing a significant contribution - in terms of safety - to the table, for both men and women. Nowadays, we are more than living up to these standards.

The Safety Factor

In order to achieve our ambitions, we continuously work on developing materials that are strong but don’t stand in the way of creating a pair of jeans that look - and feel - like your everyday denim; a principle that follows our Tailored Technology design philosophy.

Like many of our ambitions with the denim collection, we set out to allow riders to be able to go straight from their couch to their desired destination via motorcycle. Thus creating a road-ready lineup with the proper ingredients to make that happen.

Decide On Your Denim

Now that you know you’re covered in terms of safety, it’s time to start looking for your next favorite pair of jeans based on your personal style. Browsing our extensive jeans lineup, you’ll find multiple shades of grey, a variety of blues, and all kinds of washings applied to the outer shell.

These hues range from a solid color to an on-trend, used-look like our Slim Fit Brentwood jeans (first introduced in 2019), and our motorcycle inspired “Moto” jeans. And that’s just talking denim because we’ve got something else up our sleeves…

Keep Yourself Connected

One of the features that come standard on most our leather and textile jackets is the option to securely connect it to your pants, denim, or trousers thanks to incorporated connection zippers. Jeans don’t come standard with this functionality. That said, we created a perfect solution.

Clever thinking saw our Safeway 2 belt come to life, both in a regular version as well as a slimmer “Safeway 30” (30mm) width. If you’re wanting to ride in jeans from now on, take a look at the Safeway 2 or Safeway 30 belts. You’ll keep windchill at bay, and your lower back will be protected in case of an unfortunate mishap.

Find The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect jeans is more than just picking the right color. Both men and women have numerous style options to choose from including slim, loose, regular fit and more. Check out our jeans fitting guide to find out which pair of our denim is your ideal match.

Denim For Days
We make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, especially washes and fits that complement who you are as a rider. Check out all of our current styles in one convenient place.

The Denim Fitting Guide
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