All of our motorcycle clothing is CE certified

Footwear Technology

To create the best motorcycle boots and shoes, you need to partner with the best of the best in the industry. We have been teaming up and collaborating with reliable and proven technology partners to compile the strongest footwear collection line-up possible. 
Waterproofing & Breathability

All our waterproof motorcycle boots are either developed with our proprietary hydratex membrane or come with GORE-TEX waterproofing technology incorporated in the design. That means you can rest assured knowing they’re carefully crafted to keep your feet dry and to keep water out – right where it belongs. Guaranteed, 100% waterproof motorcycle boots. 


Footwear applicable GORE-TEX is a game changer that enables us to equip our motorcycle boots and shoes with the best-performing and single most durable waterproofing technology on the planet: GORE-TEX. 

Though GORE-TEX technology mostly boasts its waterproofing prowess, the fact that heat loss is fundamentally prevented in the process, is another very important benefit, and one that might go unnoticed. But by helping you stay dry, GORE-TEX helps you stay warm, too.

Keeping moisture out is the easy part. It’s the combination of waterproofing without impeding breathability that sets GORE-TEX technology apart. The innovative GORE-TEX membrane is designed with over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter or 9 billion per square inch. Those minute pores are 20,000 times smaller than an average water droplet, yet 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. That, in a nutshell, explains how liquid water won’t pass through the material from the outside in, while it does allow for water vapor to escape from the inside out.

GORE-TEX’ breathable characteristic prevents clamminess and keeps your feet feeling fresh. It is the reason we can rightfully claim our motorcycle boots are 100% waterproof, and still remain comfortably breathable. Even when you’re riding in the worst of weather conditions, GORE-TEX’s GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise rides along with you; ensuring your ride continues as long and as comfortably as possible.  


Our in-house developed hydratex waterproofing technology offers durable quality and performance at a purposefully competitive price. Our hydratex waterproofing is incorporated in riding footwear that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily benefit substantially from GORE-TEX waterproofing technology. To still be able to offer an option that keeps your feet comfortably dry, we’ve included the hydratex waterproof liner in those specific motorcycle boots. 

Designed to keep the water out – all while maintaining effective breathability – it helps riders reach their destination in comfort or to keep you riding, even when rain is doing all it can to stop play. The importance of staying dry definitely is not lost on us and with hydratex we’re on a mission to prove it.

Fitting shape & Ergonomics

Depending on the given target audience, riding conditions, and gender, we’re constantly looking to develop specific styles with matching soles, engineered to perfectly suit a certain riding style, often based on the kind of seating position the segment dictates – whether it’s an active, seated sports touring oriented pose or an upright stance with the rider’s weight over the bars, tearing it up off-road. As much as styles differ, so does the approach – and we design and develop accordingly.


The BOA® Fit System gives you the freedom to customize the fit of your motorcycle boots or shoes with a kind of precision and comfort that would otherwise be unattainable.

The appeal of the BOA® Fit System stems directly from its design’s inherent simplicity. It’s quick and it’s easy. You start by putting on the boot or shoe – no different than any other up until here – push the knob to engage, turn the clicking dial until you’ve reached ideal tension, and with it the perfect fit. Once locked in place, the BOA® reels and laces stay that way, allowing for a snug, yet comfortable fit, uncompromised freedom of movement, and maximum potential. Similarly, undoing the BOA® Fit System is also all about ease of use. You simply pull on the knob and let the built-in quick release action do the rest. 

While BOA® Fit System is engineered specifically to cater to the needs of each product or application, the system always contains three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. Each configuration is engineered to optimize fit and provide precision, adaptability, and control.


In the world of outsoles for boots, there is no brand quite like Vibram®. It’s the go-to manufacturer when it comes to high-tech soles for premium, performance-oriented shoes and boots – ranging from motorcycle boots to footwear for hiking, and workwear shoes. In order to offer the best possible boots and shoes, we’ve partnered up with the world-renowned Italian shoe and boot sole experts at Vibram® to create the motorcycle specific Vibram® Apex Sole. 

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of riders, the Vibram® Apex Sole provides the right levels of grip, stability, feel, and control that are required on two wheels. Furthermore, the added multi-density Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam layer aids shock damping characteristics for when you’re riding off-road in upright position. Not only does it help prevent vibration-induced fatigue while you’re out exploring off the beaten path, but it is also exceptionally comfortable when you carry on by foot after a long day’s riding.


It’s like walking on air. The OrthoLite® X40 insoles we insert into every motorcycle boot and shoe we make are a key factor in securing the rider’s wearing comfort. The Ortholite® X40 insole is designed specifically for its high-rebound and elastic qualities to absorb vibrations transmitted from the bike to the rider’s feet. Those absorbing prowess help combat fatigue over a long day’s riding. By partnering with Ortholite® as a leading manufacturer of innovative OEM insole foams, we’re able to deliver exceptional levels of comfort in our footwear.

Not only that, but unlike traditional insoles, the compression set of OrthoLite® insoles is less than 5% over time. Compression set defines how much a material permanently deforms after removal of a force that was applied to it. That low compression set percentage means the cushioning effect and fit of OrthoLite® insoles doesn’t significantly change the fit of the shoe, and with it you maintain maximum comfort over time and use. The washable insoles are also designed with light weight, breathability, and moisture management in mind, thanks to the open-cell Polyurethane foam which is 95% to 100% breathable. 

Our promise to riders

In following with our foundational pillars of Design, Performance, and Innovation we’re always looking for the edge that gets us ahead and we stop at nothing to stick by those principles – as our promise to riders. Partnering with industry leading companies that uphold the same values as ours – companies like GORE-TEX, Vibram®, OrthoLite®, and BOA® – enables us to deliver on promises made, and when we see the opportunity even overdeliver. By working with the best technology partners, we’re able to give you not just the safest options in motorcycle boots and shoes, but the best designed, highest performing, and thoroughly innovative choice in footwear as well.  

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