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Riding Accessories

Riding Accessories Riding Accessories
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Outfit your motorcycle clothing with our accessories collection. Ranging from wind collars to balaclavas to high visibility vests, we have the essentials you’re looking for.

Wind collars are a great way to keep the cold out around your neck and face without putting too many layers on and feeling bulky. They’re so effective because of the WindBarrier® fabric we use. The wind stays out, you stay warm and everyone wins. Choose from a few different styles for maximum protection or maximum protection and style.

For the days when you need that extra layer of riding comfort/warmth, our balaclavas give that to you. We use lightweight fabrics so it won’t interfere with your helmet. Furthermore, the windproof WINDSTOPPER® fabric keeps an unwanted breeze out. What’s more, the extra-large, water-repellent chest panel gives you that extra layer of protection. But let’s not forget to mention the moisture-wicking abilities of the materials. Because keeping the wind and cold out is what they’re designed for, but we also want unwanted moisture out too.

We understand that a bright neon vest is not the most flattering motorcycle accessory, but we try to make it as cool as possible! Combining the neon yellow fabric with 3M Scotchlite™ reflection stripes makes you visible wherever you find yourself riding. It has a snug fit so it won’t be flapping around in the wind yet easily fits over your riding jacket. 

One of our most popular accessories comes in the form of the Safeway 2 Belt. The connection zipper effortlessly brings together our jackets or overshirts with our jeans or chinos. Thus, creating a barrier for your back against the wind and making your motorcycle clothing just that much safer.

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