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REV’IT! Racing Technology Center
Innovation in motionA glimpse of black tranquility among the hectic colors of the MotoGP paddock. Meet the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center (RTC), a mainstay of race weekends throughout Europe. Gathering data and experience from the most intense source available, this uniquely customized mobile lab helps us tweak, adapt, examine, and optimize.
Diamonds only form under pressure

Imagine being responsible for protecting someone who, at any moment, could hit the ground at 200 mph (over 300 kph) and slide countless feet/meters across the asphalt. Imagine contributing to their personal brand in a world where it can be make or break for their career. Imagine providing comfort in a situation where a slight tickle or prod could cost them their dream.

MotoGP is our proving ground. If we can stay on top of the intense pressures the most extreme riders in the world go through, we can be confident that we can keep all our customers stylish, comfortable, and protected.

The REV’IT! RTC is a catalyst for this. The part of our lab that travels to our riders and collects first-hand empirical data, requests, and ideas. It helps us test the innovations we’ve developed and improve them beyond what would otherwise be possible. And it helps us uncover new performance-enhancing solutions as we work together with our riders to give them every hundredth of a second we can find.

Two-story configuration

Inside the black oasis, the REV’IT! RTC provinces two vital and distinct spaces. Once the truck pulls up in the paddock, the outer layer of its cargo rises from the base in an architecturally striking two-story configuration.

Downstairs: pure, technical, clean

Enter on the ground floor and you’ll be met by a pure white space. A beautifully clean, clinical location for our fully operational racing lab.

Upstairs: a relaxing retreat

Upstairs, you’ll enter our darker rooms. Easy-on-the-eyes aesthetics providing a relaxing atmosphere for our riders away from the noise outside. A place where they can feel at ease to discuss what they need from us.

Fully equipped lab

Right there at the track, we have the capability to inspect every millimeter of our rider’s race suits in order to understand more about protective gear than would otherwise be possible. Along with the tools to clean, dry, and repair race suits, recharge airbags, and make sure everything is ready for the track.

Riders’ lounge

An inviting area of calm for our riders to relax in, complete with comfy seating and a PlayStation. The pressures of racing combined with the pressure of the press can make for a stressful weekend, so it’s important we lighten the load of our riders instead of piling on it.


A space dedicated to having in-depth conversations with our riders and other key people. This private spot lets everyone speak their mind and helps us collect valuable feedback to improve things not just for our riders on the track, but for all of our customers.

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