All of our motorcycle clothing is CE certified

Protect yourself from scam websites  

It has come to our attention that there have been numerous websites claiming to be us, taking on our look, and offering our products at rock-bottom prices. To prevent personal and financial distress, please take the following points into consideration before purchasing anything or sharing your details with scam/malicious websites:

  • Only shop from the URL or Depending on your location, you will either be redirected to the page in your language, or you will have the option to change the language at the top right corner of the page. Or shop through one of our authorized and reputable (online) dealers.
  • Be cautious and check out the link before you click. Phishing sites and malicious ads are frequently used in scams.
  • Don’t automatically click links at the top of the search list. Cybercriminals can get their phishing sites and malicious ads listed at the top of your search engine results. Just because the website or ad looks official, that doesn’t mean it is.
  • If the prices seem too good to be true, they probably are.
  • If in doubt, contact our customer service at

Thanks so much for your attention. Ride safe. Shop safe.

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