Trousers Dominator 2 GTX

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Our most versatile, high-end GTX trousers

3L GORE-TEX® Pro waterproofing & breathability

VCS|aquadefence ventilation panels

SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 protection on the knees


The Dominator GTX 2 trousers have been upgraded to be more versatile and more adaptable to all weather types. They are constructed with a single functional layer, the 3L GORE-TEX® membrane, which is laminated to the highly abrasion resistant outer shell making it waterproof and breathable all at once. The ventilation panels with a VCS | aquadefence system offer excellent airflow on warmer days and can be opened while riding. When closed these trousers are completely waterproof and thanks to the laminated construction won’t pick up water. Sizes M-XYL std.
L-XXL short
M-XXL long

Product features
  • YKK slide lock front closure

    This unique front closure works like a slide lock and once closed it won't open up spontaneously. The slide locks into a conical shaped slider ensuring they won't separate until you want them to.

  • prepared for Strapper suspenders

    The trousers are prepared for the Strapper suspenders. The Strapper can be connected to the short connection zipper at the back and the specially made hook and loop attachment point on the front side. The suspenders are compatible with a selection of trousers from the REV'IT! collection.

  • short and long connection zipper

    Thanks to the short and long connection zipper, this jacket is/these trousers are compatible for pairing with any pair of trousers/any jacket in the REV'IT! line.   

  • aero cool 3D mesh

    This open-loft three-dimensional mesh helps facilitate optimal ventilation while riding. It features integrated lines to wick moisture away from the body, keeping riders cool and comfortable under even extreme circumstances.

  • easy entrance zipper at calf

    The zipper can be opened at the calf allowing you to entrance the trousers easily.

  • grip panel at seat

    The grip panel at the seat ensures you stay in control in all weather conditions and won't slide in your seat at any time. A key feature for any rider, pillion passengers will also appreciate this extra level of performance.

  • stretch lips
  • stretch panels

    The stretch panels in this garment aid in flexibility. They contribute to the riders comfort as they provide great freedom of movement.

  • VCS|panel with FidLock® magnetic fastener

    Removable panels for optimum ventilation. Ventilation is nice on warmer days, but not as desirable in cold weather. The panels can be kept open due to the FidLock magnetic Fastener. The Fidlock® magnetic fastener not only uses the attraction but also the repulsion of magnets. This leads to a robust closure with high locking strength that can still be easily opened with one hand while riding.

  • adjustment straps
  • adjustment tab
  • regular
  • tour fit
  • slit pockets
  • air outlet
  • VCS|aquadefence

    When opened the aquadefence system allows direct ventilation to the body. When the zipper or panel is closed, it presses onto the incorporated rain gutter, the jacket is then 100% wind- and waterproof.  When the panel or zipper is closed the rain gutter will stop the water from entering via the ventilation holes, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable. (EU patent EP 2574249, US patent US 13/630.520)

  • 3L GORE-TEX® Pro Talisman fabric

    The GORE-TEX® Pro Talisman features the unique characteristics of GORE-TEX® fabric—highly breathable and waterproof, but next to that it is also extremely abrasion resistant due to its coated dot pattern.

  • leather panels
  • 3L GORE-TEX® Pro nylon 600D fabric

    GORE-TEX® Pro shells are made for riding in extreme conditions. The fabric is made of rugged 600 denier high-tenacity nylon that delivers superior abrasion and tear resistance. A high-performance GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to a tough outer material and a specially developed, robust inner lining makes it a 3-layer. The benefits of a 3 layer are less water pick up of the outer layer which results in breathable comfort for all weather conditions.

  • 3L GORE-TEX® Pro Armacor fabric

    Pro Shell is a specific high-performance GORE-TEX membrane bonded to a tough outer material and a specially developed, robust inner lining. Special GORE-SEAM® tape technology ensures all seams are 100% waterproof. Thanks to its patented lattice structure with an integrated Kevlar® core, ARMACOR® Product Technology offers extreme resistance to tears and abrasion, yet lighter weight. Incorporated into the Everest GORE-TEX Pro Shell jacket, it will protect you in the event of a fall. This means safety and enhanced comfort – in all weather conditions. This top-performing fabric also has a solar-reflective finish, which, when exposed to direct sunlight, keeps the wearer cooler than standard black fabrics.

  • PWR|Kevlar stretch

    This PWR|shell stretch material has aramide and nylon fibres for extra strength.

  • PWR|shell 500D stretch

    This material is REV’IT!’s take on Cordura®. Consisting of 100 percent high-performance polyamide yarns, PWR|shell takes the best properties of Cordura®—a high melting point, tremendous tear- and abrasion-resistance, excellent durability—and puts the unique REV’IT! design stamp on it. This PWR|shell fabric comes in a stretch variant. 500D indicates the density of the fabric. The higher the number the better the abrasion- and tear resistance properties are.

  • sure grip

    Sure grip fabric or leather features a special, texturized print, which offers an excellent grip under high-performance riding conditions.

  • safety seams

    The stitching in motorcycle garments contributes greatly to the abrasion resistance of the total gear. This is why REV'IT! uses safety seams on garment areas at increased risk of impact. Safety seams have a visible as well as an invisible seam. This construction keeps the material of the outer shell together, even when the visible seam is thorn.

  • SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE protection

    Certified CE-Level 2 according to the new norm EN1621-1:2012 the SEEFLEX™ protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department. The new norm also tests the impact levels in various temperature ranges. The SEEFLEX™ protectors easily surpass the new norm without sacrificing wearer comfort.

  • GORE-TEX® Pro Talisman panels
  • SEESMART™ CE-level 1 protection
  • 3L GORE-TEX® Pro

    In this construction the GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to the outer shell and the inner lining. As there is no more movement between the layers, this construction is extremely durable. And the result is a 100% waterproof, windproof and highly breathable outer shell—offering unsurpassed durable wearer comfort

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Trousers Dominator 2 GTX
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Trousers Dominator 2 GTX
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