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Come over here. Yes, here. A little closer. A little more. Keep coming... Perfect! When we are talking about our ladies base layers, you want them as close to your body as possible.

Essentially, base layers are your first line of defence against the heat or cold. They’ve been specifically engineered to draw moisture away from the skin to prevent overheating or trap heat in to prevent hypothermia (but also let sweat escape).

Our ladies base layers use unique fabrics to make sure you have the most comfortable ride no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

When dealing with heat, it might seem counterproductive to wear a long-sleeved shirt or long pants. Wouldn’t that make riders hotter rather than cooler? No. The moisture management properties of the long sleeves/long pants pull the sweat away so your skin can properly breathe. It’s done via a special round- knit, open-knitting technique that’s used on the fabric.

Thanks to the moisture-wicking properties, along with targeted areas with extra breathability - like the back, arms, chest and armpits – you can stay calm even on super hot days. Besides, if there’s no layer between you and your motorcycle clothing, often times they can get stuck to you and end up being very uncomfortable. Not to mention, difficult to get your gear off after your ride.

On colder days, our base layers help heat stay put also let out sweat/moisture so your core temperature doesn’t drop, and you can keep on riding!

What’s also great about our ladies base layers is that they’re not just for motorcycle riding. Use them during any sports or leisure activities.


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