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jeanswash & care

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how to care forrev'it! motorcycle jeans

The ideal riding jeans should be comfortable and fit great both on and off the bike. They need to look good, yet be sturdy enough to withstand whatever wear and tear you inflict on them. Above all, they need to protect you with high tear and abrasion resistance and equipped with protection, yet remain comfortable. Therefore it is important to look after your favorite pair of riding jeans the correct way.



Never use cleaning products that contain bleach, solvents or other chemical products. Always respect the washing labels in your REV’IT! jeans. Do not wash your motorcycle jeans too often; whenever you wash your jeans, the water washes out some of the dye. So wash them inside out to keep and maintain the used look with the lighter areas on your jeans.

  • Before washing, remove all inner armor
  • Turn your jeans inside out
  • Close all zippers and buttons to avoid damaging other fabrics on you garment
  • Your REV’IT! motorcycle jeans should be cleaned with the specially formulated REV’IT! TEXTILE WASH. This detergent gently removes stains without risk of damage to the material and (breathable) membranes
  • You can wash your REV’IT! jeans, waterproof or not, in the washing machine. Wash them separately on maximum 30° Celsius, on a gentle cycle
  • Use a small amount of REV’IT! TEXTILE WASH as mentioned on the bottle
  • NEVER use any fabric softeners. They destroy the functionality of the jeans like the stretch functionality for example
  • Hang your REV’IT! motorcycle jeans out to drip dry at room temperature. DO NOT dry your REV’IT! jeans in a dryer
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