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textilewash & care

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how to care forrev'it! textile garments

Take a look through our extensive textile collection and you’ll see pieces geared towards all genres of riding. But no matter where you take your motorcycle clothing – off road, on the track or in the urban jungle – one common theme echoes through every item we produce: safety. Our mission is to offer the best and most innovative products available and that means we take your personal safety very seriously. Maintaining your textile garments requires special attention, especially when they contain waterproof and breathable membranes.


General care instructions

Never use cleaning products that contain bleach, solvents or other chemical products. Nor should you use washing powder. Never scrub waterproof or breathable membranes. Do not expose waterproof or breathable membranes to intense heat or prolonged direct sunlight. 

  • Before washing, remove all inner liners and armor
  • Close all zippers and Velcro to avoid damaging other fabrics on your garment
  • Your textile and waterproof garments should be cleaned with the specially formulated REV’IT! TEXTILE WASH. This detergent gently removes stains without risk of damage to the membranes and breathable fabrics
  • You can wash your textile garments with waterproof and breathable membranes in the washing machine. Wash them separately on maximum 30° Celsius, on a gentle cycle
  • Use a small amount of REV’IT! TEXTILE WASH as mentioned on the bottle
  • NEVER use any fabric softeners. They destroy the functionality of the membrane
  • Hang your REV’IT! textile garment out to drip dry at room temperature. DO NOT dry your REV’IT! textile garment in a dryer.
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