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Supply Chain Coordinator

REV’IT! is a global player, literally and figuratively. We don’t just sell our products in over 70 countries, but we also work together with suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world. That means that we’re faced with some complex logistical processes.Can you guide our logistical processes in the right direction? And can you communicate easily with a wide range of stakeholders? Then you might be the Supply Chain Coordinator that we are looking for!

Job Details

Job Title: Supply Chain Coordinator
Field: Supply Chain & Warehouse
Location: Oss, The Netherlands
Contract Type: Full-time

What can you expect from us?

As Supply Chain Coordinator, you’ll play a vital role in that. From components to end products, from Southeast Asia to North America, you’ll arrange it all. You’ll adapt to forecasts, ensure that inventory is kept, and anticipate even faster than you can react.

You’ll also coordinate with all of our stakeholders, both internally and externally. In this position, communication is just as important as planning and organizing. And of course, you’ll do everything in accordance with procedures.

A remarkable feature of our Warehouse is that it’s a customs entrepôt. That means that we’re allowed to import and clear goods ourselves, following a set of strict rules.

Good to know: you’ll be working with a smooth-running team of experienced colleagues. That will give you plenty of freedom and independence. This is a great challenge for an energetic professional who gets things done, and who knows what he or she is doing.

What does this mean in practice?

This position revolves around planning, organizing and communicating. Generally speaking, your job will entail the following:

  • You’ll be responsible for production, purchase, and transfer orders.
  • You’ll place the orders and monitor their progress.
  • You’ll organize customs and the transport to the logistics centers.
  • You’ll analyze component inventory and proactively report any inventory needs.
  • You’ll select logistics partners, negotiate with them, draw up contracts, and ensure that they are carried out.
  • You’ll arrange customs, import, and export activities.
  • You’ll draw up documents for passive processing permits, including Letters of Credits for our producers.
  • You’ll record the status of orders and transports in our Supply Chain Portal.
  • You’ll keep producers and suppliers informed.
  • You’ll enter item and supplier data and draw up BOM lists.
  • You’ll keep up with the latest developments in supply chain management, and share your knowledge with the organization.

This is a full-time position (40 hours per week, 32 hours negotiable). You’ll report to the Supply Chain & IT Director.

Are you our ideal candidate?

This position will require you to keep a lot of balls in the air. You also need strong communication and commercial skills. We expect you to have the following qualifications:

  • You have several years of experience in a similar position, preferably in the motorcycle, fashion, or sports branch.
  • You’re proactive and you bring energy to your work.
  • You always think five steps ahead.
  • You’re flexible and you can adapt quickly.
  • You have an eye for details as well as the big picture.
  • You have strong communication skills.
  • You’re fluent in English. Dutch is a plus.
  • You’re a strong negotiator.
  • You have strong administrative skills.
  • You can handle the stress associated with peaks in the season.
  • You’re a team player, but also extremely capable of working independently.
  • You closely follow developments in your field.
  • Most importantly... you’re tremendously passionate about your profession and show it.

Apply Today

Within REV’IT!, we embrace diversity. Currently, our team represents 15 different nationalities. Something we take great pride in! Because we work with so many different backgrounds to achieve our mission, our working language is English. That said, we are very proud of our Dutch roots. Should you be interested in one of the openings and prefer to apply in Dutch, then please don’t hesitate to do so.


Excited about the position and want to be a part of the REV'IT! team? We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Click on 'apply now' and send your CV and letter of motivation via the application form.


Any questions about this position or would you like to hear more about the benefits of being a REV'IT! employee? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Ruud van Berlo
HR Manager
+31 (0) 412 696 730

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Employee Benefits


A place where you can relax by yourself or with your colleagues, gain energy and work on your personal exercise goals! A personal trainer will come in every now and then to help us shape up, get fitter and stronger! Besides that, we organize Sport, Health & Fun activities with the goal to bring us all together at the REV’IT! gym, but also outdoors.

REV’IT! Restaurant

Yes, we have our very own Restaurant. A place where you can sit back and enjoy your lunch. Healthy and fresh options are available, such as wraps, meal prep bowls, granola bars, salads, snacks and more!

Motorcycle License

We are on a mission to inspire you to ride, but this doesn’t only count for the people that already have their license. While not all employees are in the possession of a motorcycle license when joining the company, we feel it is important that you, as a REV’IT! employee, get to experience what it’s like to ride a motorbike. We therefore offer the great opportunity for you to earn your motorcycle license. On our expense of course.

Company Bike

We have a company motorcycle which can be used, for example, to test products in practice. This motorcycle is also available for use by anyone at REV’IT! in possession of a motorcycle license.

Employee discount

We understand that every time a new collection comes out that you want to own that one item that you had your eyes on from the start. Therefore, you are entitled to a staff discount.

Company Pension

A workplace pension will automatically be arranged for you at the moment that you become part of our team.

Profit Sharing Bonus

We are always working hard for what we believe in. Good results can only be met when we work together. At the end of the year, when we reach our targets, it is of course also a moment to celebrate this! Besides a good get together, the whole team also receives an equal profit-sharing bonus.

International Staff Events

We love hanging out together and the perfect place to do so is to enjoy ourselves at the staff parties. Whether this is an Adventure Off-Road Training at the Enduropark in Valencia or a multiple-day motorcycle tour in the south of the Netherlands, we will make sure that it will be something unforgettable!

Legendary Parties

Speaking of unforgettable moments; our parties! Great Gatsby Christmas party, sushi parties, parties where our dancing shoes need to come out of the cupboard…there are always reasons to celebrate good moments together!

How we hire

Those of us who do what we enjoy doing have more job satisfaction. At REV’IT!, this is our forte. Dedicated, passionate and inspired people are given plenty of space for this at our company to excel. And the great thing about it is that we not only inspire the market in this way, but also one another.

Found a job that you love and applied to it? Let us take you through the next steps, so that you know what’s coming.