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Sustainability Manager

At REV'IT!, we have a deep-rooted drive. We want motorcyclists to enjoy their passion to the fullest. To achieve that goal, we try to learn something new every day. From each other, from our customers, from our data, and maybe also from you.Are you looking to make a positive impact in your work? To change our world for the better and help protect what’s really important? Then take the chance to join us as our new Sustainability Manager.

Job Details

Job Title: Sustainability Manager
Field: Product Development
Location: Oss, The Netherlands
Contract Type: Full-time

Feel free to apply in Dutch or English

What can you expect from us?

Assuming responsibility for our actions today is the only strategy that leads to successfully shaping a sustainable future for ourselves and our customers. A drive for greater sustainability is a core part of REV’IT!, now woven into everything we do. It is our organization's vision to shape a sustainable future for riding.

There is a lot we want to achieve in this area and we understand there is a long journey ahead of us. This is where you come in, to lead us on this journey. To help us maintain the achievements we’ve made so far, to guide us through the various new sustainability goals we have challenged ourselves to reach, and to bring new ideas and leadership that will support our sustainable vision.

Sustainability is something we take very seriously. And your appointment will mark the next step in our investment in this area. You will become a leading voice in our organization, supported by every single department to help take our business into the future.

What does this mean in practice?

You will be leading REV’IT!’s sustainability efforts, a core part of our business. That means your work will cross every department of our organization as you support and guide them in constructing ever more sustainable practices.

Your job will include:

  • Reviewing and planning sustainability goals.
  • Planning and implementing changes to help REV’IT! meet those goals.
  • Presenting plans to business leaders and other key stakeholders.
  • Supporting various departments with the implementation of sustainability projects.
  • Seeking out new opportunities to help achieve existing or new sustainability targets.
  • Communicating sustainability targets and progress to staff across the business.
  • Motivating and inspiring others around the importance of sustainability.

This is a full-time position (40 hours per week, 32 hours negotiable). You will report to the Product Development Director.

Are you our ideal candidate?

For this role, you will need to be a leader. Communication will be a huge part of this as you convince staff of your plans and motivate teams to implement them.

We expect:

  • A higher vocational or university education.
  • 6+ years in a similar sustainability role.
  • Experience working with sustainability or environmental projects and taking them from concept to execution.
  • Experience helping organizations through changes.
  • The ability to identify sustainability risks and opportunities.
  • The ability to motivate and lead others.
  • A resourceful mind with the ability to make decisions under pressure.
  • An intense attention to detail and critical thinking skills.
  • Strong communication (speaking and writing) skills.
  • Bonus: A deep-rooted passion for motorcycling, outdoor fashion, or design.
  • Above all, you’re dedicated to being a catalyst for positive change that supports our environment.

Apply Today

Within REV’IT!, we embrace diversity. Currently, our team represents 15 different nationalities, which we take immense pride in. Because we work with so many backgrounds to achieve our mission, our working language is English. That said, we are very proud of our Dutch roots. Should you be interested in one of the openings and prefer to apply in Dutch, then please do so.

Are you excited about the position and want to be a part of the REV'IT! team? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Click on “apply now” and send your CV and letter of motivation via the application form.

Do you have any questions about this position, or would you like to hear more about the benefits of being a REV'IT! employee? Please contact us.

Mondi Roes
HR Advisor
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Employee Benefits

We expect a lot from you in your work. But in return, we try to make sure you get a lot out of your life here. That means the support, responsibility, and resources to improve your work, grow professionally, and build a successful career.

But what good is any of that if you’re not enjoying yourself? We invest in creating an inspiring workplace, full of fun, respect, and camaraderie so that life at REV’IT! is always as enjoyable as it is successful.