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Get Inspired by YouTubers

Get Inspired by YouTubers
Inspiration to ride – to get you through the winter
With the northern hemisphere covered under a blanket of cold winter, the bulk of adventurous two-wheelers are likely staying safely inside for the foreseeable future. To at least keep the mind on riding, we’ve made a list of some of the best, most emotion-provoking motorcycling YouTubers for you. With inspiration aplenty, their video content will help you get through what seems like an endless winter.And who knows, one of them just might instill that new dream destination in you or win you over to take on a whole new adventure coming season. Wait no more and take a look.
POL TARRÉSRaising the bar on what adventure content can be

You could say REV’IT! DIRT Series ambassador, Pol Tarrés, puts the advent back into adventure with his SEEKER series. Every single video the Spanish motorcycle marvel publishes will have your jaw drop faster than he can lift that 21-inch Ténéré 700 wheel. His latest, highly anticipated “THE SEEKER 3: Unleashed and Unbound feat. Pol Tarrés” video, once again, is raising the bar on what off-road adventure and adventure travel content can be. If you’re as skilled as Pol, at least. And as his own signature stickers attest; you - unfortunately - are not. So, sit back, relax, and let Pol Tarrés do what he does best.

ITCHY BOOTSAlways something else or somewhere new to discover

Noraly Schoenmaker needs no introduction. Under the guise of Itchy Boots, this solo rider has captivated audiences the world over – the adventure travel world, and the world in general, too. Over 130,000 km through 38 countries on 5 different motorcycles passed by her lens as she documented her travels with a fixed dose of enthusiasm and authenticity to a contagious degree. Even when considering she’s already ridden across all but the Antarctic continent, Noraly still holds a firm belief that there’s always something else or somewhere new to discover, and getting yourself there on two wheels is never a bad idea. But sure, we can’t all ride Royal Enfield’s new Himalayan 450 in the actual Himalayas… And that is exactly why we watch Itchy!

CHARLY SINEWANEscapist inspiration for adventurous travel destinations

Somethings you just can’t plan, others you simply choose not to. And for Spanish adventure traveler Charly Sinewan? Well, he went with the latter. He purposely has no plan. That approach lays down a solid foundation for adventure and as such, Charly stumbles from one escapade into the next as he traverses some the world’s most remote places across the five continents. With a zest for life and his seemingly natural storytelling abilities, Charly has made video after video offering pure escapist inspiration. To dream of adventurous travel destinations, and to let the mind wander off as Charly virtually helps you onto the back to join him on the ride. 

ON HER BIKEFrom Australia to wherever she ends up

In 2017, Polish-born motorcycle world traveler, Kinga Tanajewska, left on her motorcycle adventure trip. A trip that hundreds of thousands have followed since her departure from Sydney, Australia. Now, over 250 episodes documenting her travels later, she has ridden along the Australian coast, across Eastern Asia, through Russia and Mongolia, back to Europe, and then down to and through Africa, Kinga has made it across the Atlantic to North America. Currently she’s out discovering the best of the United States and Canada – a journey of a lifetime by itself, she aptly named “Are We There Yet?”. Spoiler alert: she most certainly is not!

LNR MOTOA feeling of being there with her on the road

Intent on telling her story and sharing the magic of two-wheeled exploration with the world, Leonoor Fischer is doing exactly that. She’s a travel photographer and content creator known for crafting a feeling of being there with her, on the road, to wherever this Dutch-born rider aims her Ducati Desert X’s front wheel. Whether she’s scaling the Alps, discovering the lush oases of green on Tenerife, or roaming the roads – on or off – across the British Isles, Leonoor prides herself in not just telling a story but also in showing it, too. With beautiful cinematography in high resolution, she showcases stunning sceneries and fascinating views that surround her every journey. A pleasure to experience and a sight to see, one video diary at a time.

ADVENTURE COUNTRY TRACKSA mission is to entice and to inspire

When Adventure Country Tracks first started back in 2016, the group – consisting of Touratech employees from Germany and Portugal – had a unanimous purpose. They took it upon themselves to help other people experience exploring the beauty of the Portuguese backcountry by setting up rider-accessible routes. And at the same time, they also set out to maintain and preserve their beauty. You could say ACT felt the need to act, and so they did. Since the initial ACT route across Portugal, the movement has only gained more traction as it went, expanding to Romania, Italy, the Pyrenees, the United Kingdom, as well as Croatia. Part of their mission is to entice and to inspire by virtually taking you along on the Adventure Country Tracks routes – like their wanderlust-inducing recent video of the Croatian leg of the ACT. 

BACKCOUNTRY DISCOVERY ROUTESEnjoying America’s countryside both safely and sustainably

Established in 2010, Backcountry Discovery Routes is a non-profit organization with a mission to set up challenging dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel routes while advocating for responsible riding. Responsible in more senses than one. Their approach is all about enjoying the simple beauty of the United States of America’s countryside both safely and sustainably – similar to how ACT (above) operates in Europe. Going above and beyond by not just showing the way, but by doing it both visually and virtually, Backcountry Discovery Routes has also been producing short films and feature-length documentaries since day-one. To offer inspiration, education, and entertainment. The folks at BDR have become so good at what they do, they even have their BDR Film Festival now!

AS THE MAGPIE FLIESEvery syllable is as encouraging as her ever-present smile is

Meet Amanda Zito. With her episodic road trip series and helpful stand-alone videos about adventure travel and camping, Amanda – under the guise of As the Magpie Flies – inspires to ride with infectious enthusiasm and authenticity. The Montana-born #revitrider started out discovering as many ghost towns, scenic byways, and natural landmarks as possible in her own state. Amanda now rides out of Portland, Oregon, crossing nation many times over, covering her travels with educative and entertaining intent. Whether she’s discussing riding, talks maintenance, and explains the essentials backcountry motorcycle camping; every syllable is as encouraging as her ever-present smile is. 

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