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Mind, body, and soul

Mind, body, and soul
Dissecting the anatomy of a motorcycle racing athlete
Answering the question what it takes to be an athlete is like looking into a kaleidoscope, with the fragmented image changing faster than motorcycle racers change direction on track. Yet, three aspects keep shifting back into focus every single time around – mind, body, and soul.  
Mind, body, and soul: it takes all three to make it to the top

According to the dictionary definition of the word, an athlete is someone who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. However, in obtaining the level of skill and training necessary requires something more – it takes exceptional strength of mind, excelling control of the body, and an unrelenting drive from deep within, the soul. 

In the coming three-part video series, we’ve assigned three of our #revitriders one of the three elements each – one they excel in – and asked how they believe their respective element reflects on themselves. 

Mental fortitude isn’t a perk – it’s a prerequisite

It’s not easy being rejected. It’s incredibly difficult. Keeping yourself from giving in and giving up is even harder. Especially if there’s no hope but holding on to the belief your time will inevitably come and making sure you’re fully focused, well-trained, and as ready as can be for when it does. That’s exactly the kind of hardship Alonso López faced after suddenly being sidelined at the end of the 2021 season. His story is proof that mental fortitude and unwavering determination, to keep despair and self-doubt at bay, isn’t just a perk – it’s an absolute prerequisite to even just be offered the chance to shine on the world stage. And shine Alonso did.

Stamina to endure and strength to maintain control

No athlete has ever stumbled upon winning a world championship title. Neither has Augusto Fernández, your 2022 Moto2 World Champion – as forementioned not by accident. Augusto physically worked for it – he trained. To ready the body for the forces the body of a motorcycle racing athlete faces. Forces beyond comprehension to the common man.

It requires the stamina to endure the length of a race and the strength to maintain perfect bike control while fighting the massive forces accelerating, braking, and turning exert on the body. Now more than ever Augusto must show he’s leaving nothing to chance in this opportunity of a lifetime; Augusto shows up close what it takes to prepare the body for MotoGP.

Making it as a racing athlete takes passion, it takes soul.

To brave the brutal pace of life on the racing scene requires something more than just skills, talent, and will. Making it as a racing athlete takes grit, it takes passion, it takes soul. Looking past his amicable demeaner and cheeky grin, there’s no denying Danilo Petrucci embodies those very traits that make a true-blooded racer. Driven by a passion instilled in him from an early age, Danilo has kept the fire burning and exceeded expectations time and time again doing what he does – and loves to do – best. To ride. Whatever, wherever. All for the love of the ride. 


The humility of a man who had to dig deep and work hard for every single of the accolades to his name, not taking any of the chances offered for granted, it’s incredibly disarming. It shows heart, it shows soul. It’s something just about every motorcycle or racing enthusiast will understand and, more than anything, respect and admire.

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April: AUGUSTO FERNÁNDEZ – BODYMay: Danilo Petrucci – Soul

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