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Adventure riding tips from Bret Tkacs

Adventure riding tips from Bret Tkacs
Take your off-road riding skills to the next levelThe off season is a great time to learn some new techniques to try out when the bike is out of hibernation, let Bret Tkacs take you down the path unknown. With over two decades of rider training under his belt, and over 30 years behind the handlebars, you’re in good hands, no matter where the road takes you.

Trying something new often has a new level of excitement to it. Perhaps also nervousness. Especially if you’re going into an unstable environment, much like off-road riding can be. Whether that’s dirt, gravel, rock, or anything in between, equipping yourself with the knowledge of how to take on the trails head on is vital. But if you’re new to this genre, where do you start? What do you need to know to make that transition from the pavement to the unfamiliar? You’ve come to the right place for the answers.

Bret Tkacs is a freelance writer, world traveler, travel guide, professional on-road and off-road instructor, radio host, video creator, and more. His students range from U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers to novice adventure travelers. As the Co-founder and Lead Curriculum Developer for Puget Sound Safety Off Road, he has earned a reputation as one of the U.S.’s top experts in motorcycle safety and training in both the street and off-road arenas. His videos will take you on a wild ride of new terrain and information, equipping with you with the right tools to help you get started or improve upon your existing skills.

Eight tips for first-time and new adventure riders

With all the information out there about off-road riding for beginners, it’s hard to sift through what works and what does not. What’s true and what isn’t. Bret takes the guess work out of all your research. 

First time dirt essentials, adventure riding off road

Transitioning from the pavement to a surface less stable can be a big step. Whether you’re on dirt or gravel, learn the essentials of the best seating position, braking, tire pressure, and more.

How and why you stand on your adventure motorcycle off road

One of the most fundamental skills of off-road riding is learning when and how to stand. And learning this not only helps you become a more stable rider, but one with more confidence on various slippery surfaces.

Sit when riding off road, when, how, and why

Standing while tackling technical terrain is essential, but not all off-road riding is done while on two feet. Learning proper sitting technique, as well as knowing when to sit, can make a long day’s ride much more enjoyable and much less exhausting. Here’s how to do it.

Tank even more confidence and inspiration
We hope these few videos help give you that extra push and confidence to start your journey off road. Or to advance the skills that you are already busy with honing. And while you’re waiting for the riding season to begin, get inspired by other adventurers!