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Go get lost
Live every momentwith versatility
Offtrack 2 H2O outfitWhen you’re uncertain of where you are and lost to where you're going, nothing else matters but the ride. No emails and no texts – no notifications.Just you, your riding buddies, the trail ahead, and your curiosity guiding the way.
Get up, get on – get going.
Leave the hustleand bustle behind.
It doesn’t have to be to the end of the world

Engineered to explore, Offtrack 2 H2O offers all you need to stretch the boundaries of adventure. However, wherever you decide to let adventure take you – literally – doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Adventure can be just around the corner.

It’s not the destination that matters; it’s about the freedom of spontaneous exploration. Daring to disconnect from the familiar and embracing the unknown.

So, turn off your phone and turn off the main road – off the road and off the grid. 

COMFORTABLY SNUGOnwards and upwards

Made to move with you as you move with the terrain, you instantly feel the adventure-ready purposefulness of the light weight and comfortably snug fit of the Offtrack 2 H2O – instilling confidence, inspiring go-anywhere fun.

DUAL-PURPOSE WATERPROOF LINERLayer up, kick back, and relax

With a removable, dual-purpose, waterproof hydratex liner that’s been cleverly designed to wear either under or over the outer shell, the Offtrack 2 H2O allows you to layer up as you like.

THERMAL LINERWhen the riding stops, the temperature drops?

Not anymore, thanks to the Offtrack 2 H2O jacket’s cleverly designed, separately wearable, insulating thermal liner jacket that will keep you comfortably warm during those in-between moments and breaks. Stay warm and ready to head back out there.

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You can plan a ride-out, but you can’t predict the weather.
Prepared to conquer four seasons in one day

Some rides seem to take you through four seasons in one day. Ride on undeterred, knowing the Offtrack 2 H2O will allow you to smile your way through anything Mother Nature throws at you; from sunshine to snow. And everything in between.

WATERPROOF LINERYou’re in control

Switch things up as conditions change with three layer options. Add or remove the thermal liner, snap in the waterproof liner in between the outer and the thermal liner. 

Or quickly put it on over the outer shell to block the wind and the wet when the weather takes a turn for the worse and remove it with ease when things start to look up again. The ride isn’t over until you decide it is – you’re in control.

Soak up the sun.
Make memories that will last

When cloud cover is about to break, and a silver lining is all you would wish for, you just might strike gold instead as the sun suddenly comes out. 

It’s those moments together that make for the sort of memories that last and however tough the ride had been until then, melts away right then and there. 


Soak up the sun and adjust your outfit as temperatures rise. 

After constant inclement weather, you would almost forget about the massive, quick-action ventilation panels and ample ventilation zippers putting you in total control of optimizing cooling airflow into the outfit at a moment’s notice.

You know where to go

Getting lost with unpredictable weather conditions can be an uncomfortable scenario. However, with Offtrack 2 H2O all-condition gear, you can live every moment with versatility. Just focus on the good times and on making memorable moments together. 

To make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. Wherever that may be; you know where to go. 

Go get lost.

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